In recent years, the popularity of CBD in Florida has grown exponentially, but the laws are confusing and can deter someone from taking CBD because they feel it's not available to them legally.  Many brands will not ship out of state, further confusing people on the legalities surrounding CBD altogether. It is things like this that prevent many people from trying it and consequently gaining any potential health benefits associated. 


But don't worry whatsoever,  if CBD comes from hemp and contains minute amounts of THC, it's available around the country. In fact,  new Florida laws are making CBD safer and more accessible to both, MMJ patients and the public. 

Florida residents who want to know more about the laws surrounding CBD will become educated in the following post. We've detailed everything you need to know about CBD oil in Florida, step-by-step...


Since 2016 medical marijuana is legal to Florida residents who can qualify from the debilitating illnesses list for an MMJ card. Anyone looking to become certified must go through  "medical marijuana doctors" who is approved by the state, to receive an MMJ recommendation and treatment plan. 

Once approved, patients are able to visit hundreds of approved dispensaries in Florida and buy medical marijuana products, legally prescribed by their doctor.

Since Florida is NOT a state where recreational marijuana is legal, patients who want cannabis legally must get approved for an MMJ card first. So, this may leave you wondering if people who can't get approved for medical marijuana can still legally buy CBD oil in Florida?



Pay close attention here because the following distinction clarifies the differences between cannabis oil and hemp oil. Plus, define the laws for both. Only approved patients with an MMJ card can buy cannabis oil from dispensaries. This is because cannabis oil is derived from marijuana, and contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component in cannabis. 

Unlike CBD, which is derived from hemp plants, which are still in the marijuana family, but contain much less THC, and far more CBD. 

Recently, it became legal to grow and produce industrial hemp products nationally. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which broadly legalized these products. CBD oil derived from hemp is legal in Florida, and all 50-states nationwide. At first, we thought this changed the game, and for many states, it did help people legally access CBD. 


In 2019, further regulations were enacted by the Governor, which regulate CBD oil in Florida moving forward. They provide clear guidelines about what CBD oil is legal, or illegal, in Florida.


The truth is, when you compare the 2018 Farm Bill regulations, to the 2019 "Florida Hemp Bill", there aren't many differences. Both require CBD products to contain a maximum of .03% THC content. But the new Florida regulations go further by requiring strict CBD labeling showing the exact ingredients and where they were sourced. Plus, a scannable barcode giving anyone instant access to the 3rd-party laboratory testing, for each CBD sold. Finally, anyone that wants to sell CBD products to the public, must become licensed by Florida, and adhere to their rules & regulations. 

That's great news for those people looking to use CBD oil for a dietary supplement legally. There have been many studies that show increasing health & wellness benefits that can improve your lifestyle. 

Wrapping it up, any CBD oil derived from hemp is legal in Florida to everyone, while cannabis oil containing higher THC is only available to certified MMJ patients.


There are two ways, and the first includes becoming certified by a medical marijuana doctor for having a "qualifying debilitating condition" and obtaining an MMJ card. These approved patients can then buy medical marijuana from state-approved dispensaries. As of August 2019, there are just over 248,000 MMJ patients. 

So what about all of the other people who don't have a medical marijuana card, can they still get CBD oil?

Don't worry, even without an MMJ card you can buy CBD hemp oil online with less than .03% THC. It's readily available from many different companies, so it's important to buy from a reputable one.

In fact, this is great news because anyone can shop for CBD at home, which provides ample time to research brands, read reviews, ask questions, to determine the best fit for you. 

The Florida Healing Connection provides premium brands who's products are below the state's requirements, according to 3rd-party laboratory results. Yes, we absolutely sell CBD oil to Florida residents consistently. 


For anyone who was worried about buying CBD oil in Florida, hopefully, we've completely cleared up any confusion. Both medical marijuana patients with a valid MMJ card, and those who either don't qualify under the state's guidelines or, simply can't afford it, are able to get CBD oil legally!

If you go the cannabis oil route, then you're limited on the number of dispensaries in Florida where you can go to buy MMJ. Remember THC is not legal in Florida, so if you're not approved you can't buy from dispensaries. 

On the flip side, anyone can obtain CBD in Florida legally, provided it's derived from hemp and not marijuana. If you go this route just make sure to buy from a reputable brand that has quality products. It's not difficult to do, just a quick Google search for, CBD oil for sale should give you plenty of articles to read. 

* Disclaimer-Please check the Department Of Health's website to verify any doctors license before you become their patient.  knowthefactsmmj.com

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