What is The Cost of Medical Marijuana in Florida?

If you are like a lot of people you may be wondering what the cost of medical marijuana in Florida is? There is some confusion about what costs are covered by insurance, and what costs are paid by the patient. The following guide will clear up any confusion by detailing all of the potential costs for the following;

  • Doctors visits

  • Department of Health fees

  • Florida dispensary costs

  • Office of Medical Marijuana Use yearly registration fees

  • Discounts & coupons

In 2022, the cost of medical marijuana in Florida is not covered by insurance whatsoever. This means that patients will need to pay for the initial fees, along with the ongoing costs of medical marijuana.

So how much does medical marijuana cost in Florida?

Let's start from the beginning to break down all of the costs for Floridian's, so you can properly budget for the compassionate care you need. 

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Cost of Medical Marijuana in Florida

Is medical marijuana right for you? Find out by seeing if you qualify under the expanded 2022, qualifying conditions list in Florida.

We offer several convenient locations to choose from:

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Here, in our step-by-step guide, patients can determine all of the fees associated with medical marijuana in Florida. Starting with the initial doctors' visit, which is required to become certified and the first cost you will have to pay. 


1st Medical Marijuana Doctors Office Visit


Cost: $150-$200

What it covers:

Patients that want to medical marijuana in Florida, must see a physician who is approved by the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) to become certified first.  The price of an office visit varies by doctor and may depend on location, or other factors. 

  • The cost of a medical marijuana doctor's appointment is NOT covered under insurance coverage in Florida. 


In 2022, there are 3,550 registered medical marijuana doctors in Florida, who can recommend cannabis treatments to qualifying patients. Although, not all of these physicians are currently certifying patients for medical marijuana. 

Our board-certified physicians have completed the cannabis education courses required by Florida's Department of Health, and are actively helping patients get approved for medical marijuana cards.

  • The price of a cannabis recommendation is roughly $150-$200 for new medical marijuana patients. 

Your MMJ doctor will evaluate your condition and symptoms to see if you qualify from the list of debilitating conditions in Florida. A participating physician may also certify patients with a "condition of like-kind" which may not be listed officially. Florida MMJ laws allow doctors to make a professional, medical determination, that can certify patients.

Next, your physician will evaluate your symptoms, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan using the best forms and doses of medical marijuana to treat your condition. The cannabis recommendation you receive is just like a traditional prescription, but since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, it's called a recommendation instead. 

Once your recommendation is complete it will be submitted along with any supporting documents needed, to the patient's registry at the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use. (See OMMU Costs Below)

Now, the initial MMJ doctor's costs are complete, it's time to get into the state's patient MMJ registry to pay the associated costs to become approved. 

How Much Is A Medical Card in Florida?

Florida patients can expect to pay $75.00 for their medical marijuana card, which will be issued by the Department of Health. [Yearly registration cost]

Cost: $75.00

What this covers:

The state requires all Florida patients to be registered with the Department of Health and the Office of Medical Marijuana Use online patient registry.  [ See MMU Registry, FLhealth Gov costs page ]

The patient registry is a secure online database that contains all of your medical marijuana recommendations, health record information, and receipts for the OMMU registration costs. 

Your medical marijuana doctor, FL. dispensaries and law enforcement agencies can access the patient registry, which is HIPPA Law protected. 

The $75.00 cost pays for your initial application to be processed. Moreover, the initial fee also pays for the cost of your official medical marijuana card, sent from the OMMU. 

Be prepared to pay the $75.00 every year, as its an annual cost to each patient to renew their MMJ card for the following year. 

Once you're officially registered and approved with the state, you will receive a medical marijuana card that looks similar to a Florida picture ID. 

Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary Costs

Cost: $13.00-$400+

What this covers:

In 2022, Florida dispensaries have evolved substantially since the inception of medical marijuana in 2017. They have many different MMJ products and delivery systems, that patients can choose from.


The prices of medical marijuana products vary from each dispensary and depend on quality, strength, potency, strains, and cost.

Your medical marijuana doctor will recommend the best delivery system as follows:

  • Medical Marijuana in smokable flower form

  • THC oil & CBD oil

  • Vaporizer cartridges

  • Orally tincture oil

  • Topical applications

  • Nasal sprays

  • Concentrates: shatter, rosin, concentrate syringes, TruCRMBL

Every patient will get a total amount of milligrams based on their chosen delivery options and healthcare needs. If necessary, the cost of medical marijuana products may dictate which delivery options your physician recommends for you. 

After you receive an email from the Department of Health confirming your initial approval, you are ready to visit a Florida medical marijuana dispensary near me, to buy cannabis. 


Medical marijuana cards can take 2-6 weeks to arrive after you are officially approved

  • In 2022, there are 24 licensed dispensaries in Florida or, Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC's) with hundreds of locations around the state.


The dispensary prices in Florida vary somewhat, although they all try to remain competitive on the cost of medical marijuana products as follows:

  • Topical applications - These include medical marijuana-infused lotions, sunscreens, patches, and pain rubs. The prices range from $20.00-$110.00

  • Capsules - Great for oral ingestion, giving consistently accurate dosages. Capsules contain either THC, CBD or, a combination of both, and range in price from $35.00-$110.00

  • Tincture oil - The bottles of tincture oil in either THC or, CBD oil in Florida cost around $35.00-$65.00

  • Vaporizer cartridges - There are many different types of vaporizer cartridges available in different amounts, strains, and strengths. The costs range from $18.00 - (disposable vaporizers) $65.00

Patients are responsible for the cost of custom delivery devices like, rechargeable vape pens, dab rigs, rolling papers, pipes, and the prices range considerably between; $25-$300+

MMJ Renewal Fee

Cost: $75.00

What it covers:

All patient's medical marijuana cards are only good for one year, the fee is the cost to renew them for another year. Moreover, patients who wish to keep their medical marijuana cards active must submit an application to the Department of Health, within 45-days before their current ID card expires. 

  • Patients will need to pay the yearly registration fee of $75.00 to the Department of Health for renewals.

Follow up Doctors Visits

Cost: $75.00-$150.00

What it covers:

The Department of Health requires patients to renew their medical marijuana certifications, with an MMJ doctor every 210-days, in person. 

The in-person visit will consist of a new evaluation of your medical marijuana treatment plan. Plus, any changes that need to be made to delivery options or, the total milligrams allowed. 

Recent changes to Florida legislation allows approved patients an option for medical marijuana in smokable flower form. This part is slightly different because your physician can only certify patients for 2.5 ounces, every 35-days. 

The follow-up visit costs are for maintaining current medical marijuana recommendations for patients throughout the year. 

Total Cost for Medical Marijuana in Florida

As we have outlined in this post, the total potential cost of medical marijuana in Florida is comprised of many different fees and costs. The exact amounts and prices can vary, depending on your location, the doctor's fees, and the current dispensary pricing, products, and discounts. 

Let's recap;

  • Initial doctors visit: $150.00-$200.00

  • Department of Health's initial fee: $75.00

  • Dispensary price rages: $13.00-$400.00+

  • OMMU renewal cost: $75.00

  • Follow up doctors visits: $75.00-$150.00

  • Total cost for year one: $388.00-$900.00+

These prices and costs are only estimates, and each patient may experience different fees depending on their unique situation. 

How to Get Started?

The Florida Healing Connection has medical marijuana doctors' office locations in Florida, ready to help patients get certified for MMJ in 2019. 

  • The total cost for medical marijuana certification with our doctors is around; $250.00

You can get started online by filling out the pre-patient registration form here