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Dr. Anton M.D. is a dedicated medical marijuana doctor in Lake Worth Florida. Our MMJ health clinic, Wellington Health Consulting, is currently helping new patients obtain Medical Marijuana certifications and treatments for all qualifying conditions. 

We specialize in new patients medical marijuana certifications, along with patients who are already approved by the OMMU that need a medical marijuana renewal, or recertification. 


About our Doctor:

Dr. Americo B. Anton is American Board Certified Pathologist, trained as a Pathologist at Georgetown University Hospital and worked for 34 years as a Pathologist at the Altoona Regional Hospital in Altoona, PA (now University of Pittsburg Medical Center). Dr. Anton for the last 8 years have been doing General Medicine in the fields of Family medicine and Drug addiction and for the last 2 years has been helping patients to be certified and treated with Medical Marijuana. As a Pathologist Dr. Anton has knowledge of just about every medical condition affecting the human body, so he will be able to understand the medical problem that you are having. Many positive reviews are written by patients about Dr. Anton can be found on the web. via a quick Google search.


Pricing for Wellington Health Consulting:

  • Initial evaluation with certification for medical marijuana in Lake Worth: $175.00

  • The patient can make a deposit of $50.00 to have an appointment. If for any reason, the patient does not qualify, there will be no charge and his deposit will be returned.

  • The $125.00 price includes all the refills for the 210 days (7 months)

  •  Re-certifications: $150.00 This price includes all the refills for 210 days (7 months) up until the next re-certification.


Dr. Anton proudly offers a 20% discount on all our prices for Veterans.

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