Dr. James Phillips, MD - Miami Marijuana Doctor

Dr James Phillips, MD - Miami Marijuana Doctor

Dr Phillips graduated from McGill medical school in 1977 and then completed a Family Medicine Residency in 1980.He has been a Florida licensed physician since 1978. His practice focuses on medical pain relief and the use of medical marijuana, to alleviate pain and suffering for conditions as specified by Florida law. He is a compassionate Physician and understands patients with neuropathic pain, as he himself has had a below knee amputation on one leg. He looks forward to helping you achieve better  relief through the use of medical marijuana.

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Initial visit $ 89.00

follow up 6 month visit $ 75.00

Languages spoken in office: English,Spanish,French

Patient must bring relevant medical records showing they have a qualifying condition

Payment: cash or Credit Card- via,mastercard, amex