Red Flags Fraud Alert for Florida
Medical Marijuana

Fraud Alert in Florida Medical Marijuana
Fraud Alert in Florida Medical Marijuana
Fraud Alert in Florida Medical Marijuana

Since the passing of Amendment 2 in November 2016 by 71% of the voters, in excess of 700 physicians have received their Florida Medical Marijuana certification, and the number grows daily.  Although Medical Marijuana Doctors should uphold the same standards as any other physician you’d trust with your personal health care, unfortunately the Medical Marijuana industry in other states has been plagued with some physicians that don’t comply with the established mandated practice standards and medical marijuana laws.  We hope that won’t be the case here in Florida, but just in case….be aware of the following red flags if you have already chosen a Medical Marijuana doctor or as you proceed to choose one.

  • You receive an exam by a physician’s assistant—not the actual signing MD

  • You did not receive an IN PERSON first medical exam—telemedical care can be used for appointments, follow-up, & renewals only – until and if the Florida law is amended.

  • Your doctor didn’t require receipt of your medical documentation for one of the qualifying conditions OR if you were not under previous or current doctor care, that the doctor didn’t assume the case themselves for diagnosis and care in accordance with Amendment 2 criteria.

  • Your doctor wrote you a medical marijuana ‘prescription’.Medical Marijuana recommendations from a certified Florida Medical Marijuana doctor is all that is permitted.Federal law still classifies Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, and therefore doctors are not allowed to write ‘prescriptions’ for it.

  • Your Medical Marijuana recommendation is good for more than 1 year.All recommendations must be reviewed by the writing physician before determining a renewal.

  • Your doctor recommends or is affiliated with a marijuana distributor or dispensary.


At The Florida Healing Connection, our certified Medical Marijuana doctors are all fully licensed and we have made every effort to check their backgrounds, physical location & reputation.  The Florida Healing Connection takes your health care very seriously & standardizes the selection process for every doctor or clinic that we accept into our network of trusted physicians and clinics.  Our goal is your health and peace of mind in your choice of a Medical Marijuana Doctor.*


*Since no system is ever 100% foolproof, AND the Florida law governing amendment 2 has not yet been totally written & implemented, we would want you to contact us if you should have any of the red flags appear during one of your appointments with any of our members.