Full 2022 Florida Marijuana Doctors List
[ Updated June 2022 ]

The Florida Healing Connection consistently provides patients with the best Florida Marijuana Doctors. All of our participating physicians are focused on compassionate care, using medical marijuana to treat many conditions.

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida


As of June 1st, 2022, there are 5,084 registered medical marijuana doctors in Florida, who can legally recommend cannabis treatments, to qualifying patients.


Once certified by a doctor, patients are eligible for a state-issued, medical marijuana card (MMJ card). 


According to the Florida medical marijuana laws (SB-182), qualifying patients must be certified by a physician who is approved by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. 

Click Here to View all the Florida doctors who have completed the required state training per FL law. [FL-DOH]


Thousands of registered physicians may seem like a lot, but not all of the doctors are actively helping patients obtain a medical marijuana card.


That's why it is important to find medical marijuana doctors in Florida, that will help you get certified for treatments, plus a state-issued medical marijuana card. 


Whether you are looking for the best medical marijuana doctors in Florida for the first time, or you need an MMJ renewal, we've made it simple. 


Who Are Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida?


Moreover, there are doctors from all types of medical backgrounds who have become state-certified to recommend cannabis treatments to patients.  


So, you will find neurologists, general practitioners, pain doctors, oncologists, psychiatrists, and others,  to treat many conditions, including yours. 

If you would like to become certified for FL MMJ and work with one of our participating physicians, just fill out the patient registration form, a clinic representative will reach out shortly. 


Best Florida Marijuana Doctor List

[Updated for 2022]

We've created the best list of Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, that we know are currently providing medical marijuana certifications to patients in 2022

Find Board-Certifed Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

Dr. Saman Soleymani

4160 Southside Blvd #10

Jacksonville, FL 32216

Dr. Joshua Henry M.D.

7840 Gate Parkway

 Jacksonville, FL 32256

Dr. Joshua Henry M.D.

381 Palm Coast Pkwy

SW Suite 5 Palm Coast Fl 32137

Dr. Adam Berry M.D.

2188 Jog Rd.

Greenacres, FL 33415

Dr. Rabih Kashouty M.D.

1050 SW Monterrey Blvd

Stuart, FL 34994

Dr. Andrea Zotovas M.D.

793 Northlake Blvd

North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Dr. Andronico, DO

28945 FL-54 Suite 101,

Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

Qualifying Conditions in Florida


Because of Amendment 2, which eventually led to the current MMJ laws, the qualifying conditions in Florida, to obtain MMJ certifications were greatly expanded to include;

List of Debilitating Illnesses

  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  2. Chronic pain

  3. Anxiety & depression

  4. Cancer & chemotherapy symptoms

  5. Parkinson's

  6. ALS

  7. Crohn's

  8. Seizure Disorders

  9. Chronic Insomnia

  10. Sleep-aid

  11. Autism

  12. Epilepsy

Plus, any other like condition that you're medical marijuana doctor in Florida, feel the health benefits of cannabis treatments, outweigh any potential health risks. 

What Patients Can Expect


When patients visit our medical marijuana clinics they can expect the highest level of compassionate care, provided by highly trained medical marijuana doctors.


The staff in each Florida MMJ clinic location specializes in the state's MMJ procedures, which helps expedite the OMMU approval for patients. 


Moreover, patients should expect specialized care, from dedicated doctors, who continuously find better ways to treat symptoms from many conditions. 


Office of Medical Marijuana Use Approved MMJ Doctors


In order for patients to be approved for an MMJ card, they must be certified by an OMMU approved medical marijuana doctor for treatments.


The OMMU or, Office of Medical Marijuana Use is the state agency charged with governing licensing for patients, dispensaries, and medical marijuana doctors in Florida.


Initial Appointments


If you are interested in becoming an approved MMJ patient, the first step is to make an initial appointment with the best medical marijuana doctor in Florida, for your healthcare needs.


Physicians from all types of medical backgrounds are approved and are located in most major Florida cities.

  • If you're suffering from pain, then make an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor in Florida, who specializes in medical marijuana pain management.

The first appointment will include; a custom-tailored treatment plan that's based upon each individual patient's needs. The medical marijuana doctor will ensure that you receive the correct dosages and strains, to effectively treat any condition.


These treatment plans are based on scientific studies showing the effectiveness of cannabis to treat illnesses, at different dosages.


Moreover, many medical marijuana doctors get invaluable information on the effects of cannabis through, real-world medical marijuana clinical experience in Florida.

  • Initial appointment costs - $150 - $250


Renewal Appointments


The state of Florida requires medical marijuana doctors to renew MMJ recommends every 70-days. Plus, renew a maximum of 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana in smokable form each 35-days.


Lastly, the state requires that patients be seen in person by, a medical marijuana doctor in Florida every 210-days to renew MMJ certifications. 

Typically, patients only need to be seen once every 210-days to renew their entire recommendation. An exception would be if the patient needs to adjust their recommendation, dosages or, needs to be seen by the doctor sooner.

  • Renewal appointment costs - $100 - $200


Is Smokable Marijuana Flower Legal?


Yes, state-certified medical marijuana doctors in Florida can recommend MMJ in smokable flower form. In 2019, new legislation allowing smokable marijuana took effect. 


The new Florida regulations allow patients to receive up to, 2.5 ounces of marijuana flower every 35 days.

See patient's FAQ ]

Legal Medical Marijuana Products in Florida [2022]


Patients who are certified by a medical marijuana doctor can buy their medicine in Florida dispensaries, which are located all over the state.


Thanks to recently updated legislation, patients now have access to many MMJ products such as; THC oil, CBD oil, flower, vaporizer cartridges, concentrates, syringes, shatter, rosin, TruCMBL, tincture oils, sprays, topicals, THC & CBD infused patches, suntan lotion, & bath balms.