Do I need a referral from my primary doctor to see one of the doctors in The Florida Healing Connection network?


No, you can schedule an appointment with one of our member doctors without a referral. However, we’d advise you to read over our page for being prepared for your Medical Cannabis appointment. If you have your medical records supporting your qualifying condition, you should definitely bring them.  If you need to request them from your current Dr, then click here to print out the request form you should submit to the Dr that’s been treating you to request your medical records.


Will my medical marijuana appointment be covered by insurance?


No, currently insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana treatment. Each of our member doctor profiles will indicate what form of cash or credit payment they accept and fees for appointments are set by the physicians as indicated in their profile.


Can I go to any doctor to get a medical marijuana ‘prescription’?


Prescriptions are not allowed to be written for medical marijuana, because under Federal Law, marijuana is still an illegal drug.


Only licensed physicians that have completed the Florida state certification program for Medical Marijuana treatment can make a recommendation for a patient to qualify for medical marijuana.  That recommendation must be entered into the Medical Marijuana use registry (compassionate use registry), at http://flhealthsource.gov/mum/patients by the certified MMJ physician. 



How do I go about getting my Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card?


Once the MMJ physician has entered their recommendation into the physician’s portal of the Compassionate Use website, the patient may enter the portal using their email address that the physician has already entered into the system for the patient.  After completing the necessary application, which can be found at http://www.floridahealth.gov the patient then sends their payment (currently $75) to the compassionate use registry as instructed. 


Office Of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) FAQ.



Once received, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) will issue and mail the patient’s card directly to them. We suggest you complete your application and send the $75 immediately after receiving your recommendation, as the state may take up to 30 days to get it sent out to you.


Do I need a prescription from a doctor to buy CBD oil in Florida in 2022?


The CBD oil Florida patients can buy from dispensaries requires a valid medical marijuana card. Anyone can buy cannabidiol (CBD oil ) from resellers, or directly from manufacturers legally. 


Since the 2018 Farm Act broadly legalized industrial hemp products in America. 


Is smokable marijuana legal in Florida?


Yes! As of March 2019, smokable marijuana flower is legal in Florida. Gov. Ron Desantis signed SB-182 into law which allows ordering physicians to recommend smokable marijuana to qualified patients. Flower recommendations will be retained on the compassionate use registry, where dispensaries can verify the amounts and dosages. 


Patients that wish to use marijuana as smokable flower must sign a patient consent form, which states that your MMJ doctor has explained the various health risks associated with smoking cannabis flower.

Official OMMU website (smoking marijuana FAQ) & patients smoking marijuana consent form.



What should I do once I'm approved by the compassionate use registry?


After your initial appointment with a medical marijuana doctor near me, you will receive temporary approval from the compassionate use registry. This will authorize you to buy FLMMJ from a state-approved dispensary. (120 Florida dispensary locations) At this time you can either call, or visit a dispensary near me, and legally buy medical marijuana as prescribed by your physician. 

Anyone Can Buy CBD Oil in Florida - 2022

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