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At Pensacola Medical Marijuana Doctors our patient's healthcare needs are always the first priority and, our main focus. Florida has come along way since making marijuana legal to treat many conditions in 2017. Now approved patients can buy medical marijuana, from approved dispensaries, after receiving the appropriate recommendation (prescription), from a Pensacola, FL marijuana doctor.

In 2019, people suffering from illnesses, injuries, or even neurological conditions, may qualify for medical marijuana.

Recent scientific studies show that marijuana has many health and wellness benefits like; pain relief, reducing inflammation, controlling anxiety, depression, seizuresCrohn's, and to treat symptoms from chemotherapy

Schedule with the best Pensacola Florida marijuana doctors clinic today. Our office provides appointments for new MMJ patients, along with those patients who need MMJ renewals, and MMJ recertifications.


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Pensacola Dispensaries

As of 2018 Florida dispensaries operate under a Vertically Intergrated System, meaning they must be the ones to grow, process, transport and sell the medical marijuana products they offer, to approved patients in Florida. There are several dispensaries in Pensacola now, with more planned to come into Escambia County soon.


Trulieve Pensacola Dispensary - 3119 North Davis Highway Pensacola, FL 32503


Surterra Dispensary - 5046 Bayou Blvd Pensacola, FL 32503

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