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Can I Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds in Florida?

Updated: Jan 10

Since new medical marijuana laws and legislation took effect in 2016 Floridians have faced many obstacles to finding a local, affordable doctor, navigating the state's approval process, and obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Many questions still circle around issues like patients growing their own plants, and can I buy medical marijuana seeds online?

medical marijuana seeds

Although it's not perfect, Florida has given residents a decent medical cannabis program as whereby patients seeking relief from symptoms of debilitating illness, may find relief by using marijuana.

Recently, Joe Redner won a lawsuit against Florida contesting the laws prohibiting him from growing his own plants for medical purposes. The Judge decided that Redner will, in fact, be allowed to buy medical marijuana seeds and grow, to consume cannabis as recommended by his Tampa Bay medical marijuana doctor.

In the coming months, Floridians may be allowed to grow medical marijuana plants from seed, to flower, as long as it's for their medical purposes. As of now May 2019, there are laws against growing marijuana in Florida.

However, changes are coming in the way of new legislation and case law won for medical marijuana grows.

Still, many states allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis plants, and buying marijuana seeds online makes sense.

medical marijuana seeds there are many choices when it comes to online seed companies and doing a little research first can't hurt. If you do a Google search for; "" you will find a lot of companies trying to sell their versions.

Often times you can find customer reviews on certain companies and marijuana seeds for sale, to make sure they are reputable and their prices are fair.

medical marijuana seeds and plants

There are some BIG names in the seed industry you can buy from that offer multiple medical marijuana seed strains for sale. These come in both Indica and Sativa medical grade seeds, to help meet your doctor's recommendation and your specific medical needs.

The way you properly grow marijuana of any kind stays relatively the same by providing adequate water, nutrients, and sunlight so the plants can grow healthy. The medical marijuana strain you are growing may make it more, or less challenging depending on that specific genetic strain needs.

If you haven't grown a particular strain of medical marijuana before you may want to search for some educational materials, to ensure the best harvest, by following successful growers.

Growing medical marijuana seeds, vs, regular marijuana seeds makes no difference. The ease or difficulty comes from the strains particular genetics and how hard it is to grow.

medical marijuana plants grown from seed

Plenty of brands like SeedSupreme sell medical marijuana seeds online!

In states with legalized marijuana, there are huge companies growing medical marijuana plants and others selling seeds, both medical-grade, and recreational strains.

At this time no dispensaries can sell medical marijuana seeds to patients because Florida laws prohibit anyone from growing plants except the 28 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

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