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Medical Marijuana For Cancer [Everything You Need to Know in 2021]

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Medical Marijuana for Cancer

People have been using marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes for hundreds of years and the cannabis sativa plant can be found growing in almost every part of the planet. Even before an advanced understanding of the biologic makeup of plants, humans understood the healing power of marijuana and used it for many different things.

In modern-day researchers have identified the genetic molecular makeup of marijuana to include over 400 Cannabinoid components.

Cannabinoids used to fight cancer thc and cbd

The most well known are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC,) associated with the psychoactive high produced by cannabis, and Cannabidiol (CBD) the non-psychoactive component. Both have proven useful to treat many cancer-related symptoms because they affect the body in different and profound ways.

medical marijuana to treat cancer

Medical doctors in states that legalized cannabis are implementing medical marijuana for cancer treatments to alleviate the symptoms of intense chemotherapy. In some cases slowing and even stopping tumor growth using both high CBD and THC marijuana doses.

Marijuana that grows in the wild or gene-targeted medical marijuana plants come in different strains and have different effects in humans. This has proven useful since chemotherapy takes a big toll on the body, medical marijuana helps patients eat, sleep and deal with the neuropathic pain caused by damaged nerves.

Which Marijuana Strains Work Best to Treat Cancer & Chemotherapy Symptoms

Types of medical marijuana to treat cancer

Marijuana comes in strains classified as Sativa and Indica which have different effects in the body. Doctors and patients can treat cancer symptoms effectively by utilizing the unique characteristics of both marijuana strains. These are the types of weed for cancer patients to use for the best results in their treatment plans.

Sativa dominant strain of cannabis have an uplifting euphoric like high. The sativa plant grows tall and fast, with leaner buds and long, skinny, pointed leaves. Within the sativa strain, are many types of sub-strains, with different flavors, smells, and effects. These are better known by their names like Grandaddy Purple, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, OG-Kush, and others.

CBD oil for breat cancer

Indica dominant strains of cannabis have an relaxing, anti-anxiety effect, that is useful in patients fighting cancer because it calms nerves and allows for relaxation during and after chemotherapy. Patients report that Indica marijuana strains are an effective sleep aid, without the side effects of traditional medications. The Indica plant grows more slowly and denser than sativa, it's leaves are round and fat like the entire plant's formation. Some popular Indica strains include - 9LB Hammer, Florida Keys, Bubblegum OG, and Gorilla Grapes just to name a few.

Medical Marijuana Strains For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs mostly in the milk delivering ducts found in the soft tissue within the breast. Cancer develops because old cells don't die off the way they should, instead, the cells mutate and become malignant. Modern day science still struggles to understand why some cells misfunction in this way causing cancer.

medical marijuana strains to treat breast cancer

The traditional way to treat someone diagnosed with breast cancer is a mastectomy surgery where part, or all the breast is removed.

Although some remarkable research shows there are alternative breast cancer treatments proving successful in many patients worldwide.

Chemotherapy is also used in treatments to destroy any cells that may become cancerous around the infected area. Medical marijuana used to treat the symptoms of breast cancer including pain, anxiety, as a sleep aid and hunger inducer are proving successful in recent research. Indica strains like Florida Keys, Wookie Girl, and 9LB-Hammer, are great for before bedtime or anytime you need rest from the rigors of chemo treatments.

While White Buffalo strain may be good for during the day, when your energy is needed more! The Sativa strains can help keep you focused, but can cause some anxiety in people prone to it.

If that is the case, then a balanced Hybrid strain such as Mint Chip can give you the best of both worlds.

What Are The Benefits From Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Cancer?

New research done by the National Insitute Of Health shows THC and CBD inhibits cancer cell growth in some patients in this pilot study. Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibited tumour-cell proliferation in vitro and decreased tumor-cell Ki67 immunostaining. They concluded that more research is needed on medical marijuana's ability to slow and stop tumor growth before a definitive answer can be supplied.

However, there are some other obvious benefits to using medical marijuana while fighting cancer. Medical marijuana allows cancer patients to alleviate pain associated with chemo treatments and cancer itself.

Medical marijuana, specifically CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory compounds and is a good aid in reducing swelling and pressure that attribute to pain.

THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana is great to help with anxiety, depression and other phycological effects, that fighting cancer can have on ones well being. Medical marijuana also offers patients a way to sleep and get the rest needed, for the best overall health

Medical Marijuana Doctors Specializing In Cancer Treatments

There are several ways to find a medical marijuana doctor that specialize in cancer treatments. Searching online for an approved MMJ doctor near you is the best way, since you will find their reviews and pricing instantly.

Reaching out in forums that specialize in cancer treatments can usually give you a good idea of medical marijuana doctors that are successfully treating cancer patients.

Also, speaking with others who are going through the same treatments and get advice on which medical marijuana products and doses work best for them.

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