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Ohio Medical Marijuana [All You Need to Know in 2022]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Like many other states in America that have legalized marijuana in one way or another, Ohio medical marijuana programs are also available to patients seeking relief. To obtain medical marijuana in Ohio qualified patients must apply for a medical marijuana card through the Ohio Department Of Health Services.

Medical marijuana in Ohio

Ohio House Bill 523 made medical marijuana legal in Ohio in September 2016. However, the laws for patients, doctors, and dispensaries have yet to be decided upon by state legislators. The Ohio Department Of Commerce and Ohio Board of Pharmacy must have the MMJ legislation in place no later than September 2018.

In March 2018 Ohio began processing physicians applications to become state certified to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Ohio.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio?

In 2018 Ohio residents that wish to obtain a medical marijuana card and buy cannabis from a state-approved dispensary will be allowed to. According to Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Board "No patient identification cards are being issued by the state of Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) at this time.

The only valid state ID cards, will be issued by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, once the state's patient registry becomes available, no later than September 2018."

CBD oil in Ohio

Patients may qualify for medical marijuana cards in Ohio for an array of debilitating conditions and may seek treatment through a board certified Ohio medical marijuana doctor.

Some of the conditions to qualify are listed below:

  • PTSD

  • Alzheimers

  • Parkinsons Disease

  • ALS

  • Autism

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Cancer and Chemo Symptoms

  • Seizures

  • Sleep Aid

  • Crohn's Disease

  • HIV, or Auto Immune Difficiciancy Syndrome (AIDS)

  • Glaucoma

or any other illness a board-certified medical marijuana doctor feels marijuana will treat successfully and outweigh the health risks.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Benefits

Recent research has shown that marijuana can treat many conditions without any negative health risks associated with traditional medications and treatments. Now Ohio patients can legally get relief while benefiting from medical marijuana's ability to manage pain, anxiety and many other symptoms.

Medical marijuana ohio

A lot more research is needed to unlock the full potential that may still be hidden in cannabinoids, the molecular makeup of marijuana. Doctors and patients worldwide have been using both THC and CBD, the most well-known cannabinoids with great success.

THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system to natural effect the neurologic pathway between this system and cells found within the body. This systematic treatment can replace other drugs used to treat many conditions people suffer from today.

Medical Marijuana Doctors In Ohio

In order for a doctor to become board certified to recommend medical marijuana to qualifying patients in Ohio, they must meet certain criteria set forth by the state.

  1. The doctor must have a valid Ohio medical license free from any obstructions.

  2. Completed two hours of medical education courses certified by either Ohio State Medical Association or Ohio Osteopathic Association

  3. Be registered with the DEA, Because Ohio has just begun to process medical marijuana doctors applications a full state-issued list will be available to people who are interested in treatments soon.

The Florida Healing Connection provides a free Ohio medical marijuana doctors near me search.

The focus is to provide a reliable place where all marijuana doctors are listed, with an easy way for patients to review their practices, get medical marijuana appointments and pricing in one place. Since medical marijuana in Ohio is new the doctors that recommend cannabis will rapidly grow.

The best way to choose the right MMJ doctor for your healthcare needs is here. Medical marijuana doctors may contact us anytime to be listed when they become board certified to recommend cannabis, with an official state license and approval.

Approved Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Ohio

Ohio has officially licensed 56 locations that can sell medical marijuana once it becomes legal September 2018.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy on Monday awarded those provisional dispensary licenses that give the stores six months to meet state operation requirements. A total of 376 applications were received.

Ohio marijuana laws have not yet been implemented, nor have all the dispensary locations. The final amendment legislation will be available soon and more marijuana dispensaries will become available shortly after.

5 Columbus Ohio Dispensary Locations

Out of those approved, five locations are located in Columbus:

  • Greenleaf Apothecaries, LLC - 111 Vine Street

  • 127 OH, LLC - 1361 Georgesville Road

  • Cannamed Therapeutics LLC - 656 Grandview Avenue

  • Verdant Creations, LLC - Cassady Avenue (No building site yet)

  • Harvest of Ohio, LLC - 2950 N. High Street

Is CBD Oil Legal In Ohio?

Many folks in Ohio want to know if CBD oil is legal? The simple answer is yes! Because CBD oil is free from THC, the psychoactive component to marijuana, it is legal in all 50 states.

Many online CBD oil retailers are offering Ohio residents specials since new marijuana laws have sparked a renewed interest in CBD oil's many health benefits.

You can buy the best CBD oil anywhere in Ohio with shipping through the mail, right to your home. Or you can make an appointment with a board certified Ohio medical marijuana doctor to receive CBD oil treatments for your specific health condition.

Approved patients can then buy CBD oil products from any Ohio medical marijuana dispensary licensed by the state.

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