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Wrigley's Billionaire Invests In Florida Medical Marijuana

Many big investors have taken notice of Florida's medical marijuana business poised to be worth 2 Billion by 2020. In fact, Wrigley's Gum Billionaire led a $65 Million investment in Surterra Wellness, a Georgia based medical marijuana company with a license to operate in Florida and Texas.

Surterra Wellness Florida dispensary

William Wrigley Jr. II who led the sale of the family business in 2008, has now spearheaded a massive investment in cannabis. Wrigley attributes his interest in medical marijuana to the overwhelming health benefits being discovered. Marijuana has proven to be a great medical treatment for many conditions and with little, to no side effects. Plus, over 1,400 physicians have become certified by the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Florida.

He explained that being involved with an opportunity so groundbreaking, and on the bottom floor, like with medical marijuana, are far and few between. Because of the diverse demographics that make up the more than 20 Million residents in Florida, the cannabis industry is thriving. New medical applications for pot are astounding and include pain relief, anxiety relief, Crohn's, and the most recent FDA approved cannabis derived CBD oil for Epilepsy called Epidiolex. Plus, well known researchers are proving even more medical uses for marijuana.

With Wrigley's experience building a business and scaling to large size companies while staying profitable, he is sure to help Surterra dispensaries in Florida. So far they have a Miami dispensary location, along with 9 others throughout the state.

CBD oil Florida

Wrigley also announced that his large cash investment will help to promote more scientific research for better marijuana products which he will personally over-sea as chairman.

With Florida already boasting over 150k approved patients and so many more waiting there's a delay with approving new patients it's a good business to be involved with.

Surterra dispensaries in Florida already offer approved patients some medical marijuana products and have several new products coming this year. Now with Wrigley's leadership, the company will surely grow into a multi-million dollar business.

Some of the current products that you can find in Surterra Wellness in Florida are vape oil, tinctures, topicals, oral oils, and capsules in an assortment of strains.

Surterra Wellness Florida products

With Florida being on a Vertically Intergrated medical marijuana system only the 14 licensed marijuana dispensaries can legally operate. Surterra Wellness was one of the lucky 14 chosen to provide cannabis to approved patients. Wrigley's investment was a good one since he can now become an active part of one of the countries largest medical marijuana industries.

Wrigley also says that Surterra Wellness Dispensaries will be involved with the recreational aspect of marijuana in the USA. The industry is poised to become a 5 Billion Dollar industry in 2019. The products that are available for recreational use well surpass what current Florida laws allow. The playing field is a big one with so much money on the table.

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