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TruFlower Bubble Gum Smokable Flower Strain Review | Trulieve

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

If you like having quality cannabis to smoke, then our TruFlower Bubble Gum smokable flower review, will inform you about this quality hybrid strain, available now, at Trulieve dispensaries. Since last week, new legislation allows approved MMJ patients in Florida to use medical marijuana in smokable form, and Trulieve was the first to make it available.

TruFlower Bubble Gum strain of smokable flower

Trulieve’s official website shows several strains available in flower form, but it’s constantly changing as new harvest becomes available. It is pure luck to get any strain because they are selling it so fast. We ordered online and were able to get a delivery of four, 3.5-gram packages/units of Truflower, Bubble Gum strain, within two days.

This will, of course, depend on where you live and the availability of smokable flower at Trulieve dispensary locations in Florida.

Bubble Gum Strain

Originally, Bubble-Gum strain came from growers in the USA, Indiana, to be specific. The most potent versions come from Holland, where decades of producing Bubble Gum strain variations have perfected it.

Bubble Gum strain placed in the top three best strains in the world-famous cannabis cup several years in a row. Even though these wins were back in ‘94 through ‘97, the strain remains popular and a staple at most dispensaries.

Bubble Gum is a 50-50 hybrid, which smells sweet and tastes mild and fruity, with a sweet, smooth finish that permeates.

It produces an uplifting, euphoric effect you feel almost immediately, but also provides enough anti-anxiety effects, to ward off unwanted anxiousness.

What Are Bubble Gum Strain's Medical Uses?

TruFlower Bubble Gum strain is great for so many medical uses because it’s a potent 20% THC Hybrid that provides the best of both Indica and Sativa dominant traits. It’s a versatile strain with a lot of healing potential, and patients report it’s great for the following:

  • Pain, and chronic pain management

  • Anxiety & depression (provides an uplifting, euphoric effect, while maintaining strong anti-anxiety characteristics)

  • Sleep -aid

  • Nausea

  • Chemotherapy symptoms

  • Crohn’s symptoms

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

TruFlower Bubble Gum Strain Smokable Flower Reviewed

So, the first strain we received from Trulieve in smokable flower form was Bubble Gum, and it was a good choice. The buds are bright green with visible crystals covering the flower completely. From afar, the light green colored buds are adorned with orange hairs, and you can see ripened trichomes as a frosty glaze.

TruFlower Bubble Gum strain up-close

The smell is fruity and sweet, but the kind of bud that you know right away is good quality. Smelling the TruFlower container, once opened, gives you a nice, mellow scent. But it’s when you’re breaking up the buds to smoke that the true essence is revealed, and it is a light, yet dank, fruity aroma.

The taste from a green bowl is refreshing on the inhale, with hints of sweet melon, but it is hard to hold your hit in as it expands and permeates your lungs on the exhale.

Where Can I Buy Tru Flower Bubble Gum Flower?

As of 4/3/2019, it is first-come, first-serve, and trying to find a specific Trulieve strain may be difficult. The best way to get full access to all Trulieve strains like Bubble Gum, Jack Herer, Gorilla Grapes, and others, is online. New, or existing patients with a valid medical marijuana card can sign up online with Trulieve, and order smokable flower as it becomes available.

You can search strains nearby and see which dispensary locations have which products in stock. You can also schedule delivery for smokable flower online, provided you have the proper “smokable flower recommendation” and have met the OMMU requirements for it.

Trulieve Bubble Gum Flower Conclusion

Since early March 2019, dispensaries in Florida are gearing up to sell smokable flower to approved patients. Just during the first week, it has been available from Trulieve, flower is pretty much sold out in every strain and in each location.

However, if you take advantage of technology and order online, you can make sure that TruFlower Bubble Gum and many other strains make it to your pipe, bowl, or other smoking devise soon.

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