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Curaleaf Afghan Kush Smokable Flower Review

Updated: May 12, 2020

Anyone who is looking for natural anxiety, depression or pain relief with uplifting euphoric overtones, will appreciate Afghan Kush strain from Curaleaf. They are one of two dispensaries currently (as of 4/3/2019) approved by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) to sell smokable flower to patients.

The other dispensary selling flower, to date, is Trulieve but, unlike them, Curaleaf has had more Indica dominant loose flower early on, like Afghan Kush, which we’ve reviewed here in detail.

Since we are reviewing all the medical marijuana dispensary smokable flower, it's only fair to say that while Trulieve is larger and has more patients, it was much easier getting a hold of Curaleaf and ordering Afghan Kush strain flower for delivery, which arrived the same day.

This isn’t typical, and deliveries can take up to 3 days in some cases, depending on the availability of the smokable flower you want and the number of deliveries in your area at that time.

Still, it's worth noting that our flower was delivered within four hours of hanging up the phone with a Curaleaf consultant.

This 100% Indica dominant marijuana originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range, hence the name. Afghan Kush is widely used for many conditions, both medical and recreational, since it’s the poster boy for what Indica effects should be.

The flower (buds) are tight and condensed and have some trichomes visible, although this strain isn’t one of the most beautiful. The buds are darker green and just under the surface contain a thick, almost hash-like dense interior.

Afghan Kush is great for the patient in need of relief because it offers so many health benefits. The medical community reports that patients use this strain for many conditions, most of which are associated with pain and anxiety. The high 21% THC content ensures you feel the effects fast, but in a smooth, uplifting way.

These effects come over you within just a few minutes of smoking; this is not creeper bud that takes a while to kick in. Because Afghan Kush is a pure Indica, it gives you a calming effect known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. However, the medical applications don’t stop there, and recently doctors found that it can also help with things like:

  • Pain and chronic pain management

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleep aid

  • Muscle Relaxer

  • Epilepsy and seizures

  • Stress

  • Some eating disorders

Approved patients in Florida can order Afghan Kush from Curaleaf dispensaries today, if it’s in stock.

Now there’s a frenzy to buy smokable flower in Florida since new legislation allowed it. Curaleaf is the only Florida dispensary selling the Afghan Kush strain, so far. You can buy it at any of their physical dispensary locations or online, statewide.

There are a few ways you can buy Afghan Kush from Curaleaf dispensaries which include going into a physical location, or ordering online via phone, for delivery service. The easiest way is to call their main number.

  • 877-303-0741

A staff member can direct to you the right Curaleaf dispensary, or they will walk you through an online medical marijuana delivery.


In 2019, many Florida dispensaries will have Afghan Kush strain, and many others to choose from. The first harvests are becoming available, and the dispensary strain landscape is changing rapidly as new batches become available.

If you're interested in becoming a medical marijuana patient in Florida, it’s not difficult, and you can see a state-certified 420 doctor for an Afghan Kush recommendation today.

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