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States Where Recreational Marijuana is Legal [ 2020 Guide ]

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Recently, many states across the country have legalized marijuana for recreational, or medical purposes. People are now able to experience marijuana's healing effects, and evolving medical applications in 33 states legally. The general consensus is that marijuana legalization will continue to grow across the nation until the federal government is forced to legalize it nationwide.

Take a look at the 2020, revised, legal marijuana states map.

Legal marijuana states map | USA Weed map 2019

Now that you have a visual weed map, let's take a detailed look into which states have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

One of the best places to get recreational weed is in Colorado because their marijuana laws are relaxed, and caters towards tourism.

As a resident or visitor, you can buy up to one ounce of recreational marijuana, from one of the many dispensaries in Colorado.

A very progressive state, which some say pushes the envelope of what should, or should not become legalized. A perfect example would be the recent vote on Ordinance 301 which would make the use of "magic mushrooms" the lowest punishable offense.

Either way, Colorado is leading the way to legalization and produces more high-quality cannabis, than any other state in America.

California is a state where recreational marijuana is legal in 2020. The Bureau of Cannabis Control issues state licenses, needed by dispensaries, to sell adults of 21 years of age recreational marijuana.

The recent change in laws allowing marijuana sales is expected to generate millions of dollars in tax revenue, plus boost California's economy substantially this year.

Anyone with a valid state ID (it doesn't have to be a California ID) can buy up-to one ounce of recreational marijuana, from a licensed dispensary per visit.

Washington State allows anyone over 21 years of age to buy up to one ounce of marijuana legally. You can grow 12 plants legally, so long as only 4 are flowering at any given time.

The state pioneered legal recreational marijuana, along with California, and Colorado, paving the way for other states to fully legalize weed too.

Nevada recently legalized recreational marijuana, which seemed like a no brainier since millions of people from around the world visit Vegas each year. After-all "sin city" should not be a state without legal cannabis, recreational marijuana goes along with the whole party, gambling atmosphere seamlessly.

Anyone who lives in Nevada can buy up to one ounce of weed per dispensary visit, same goes for tourists as well.

You can grow 6 marijuana plants legally, so long as you do not live within 25 miles of a Nevada dispensary.

Vermont went full recreational without implementing any laws to regulate, and govern marijuana dispensaries. Therefore, only home grows and cultivation was allowed.

The new legislation will allow a thriving recreational market to get going by licensing stores (dispensaries) to sell to anyone over the age of 21.

Recreational marijuana laws in Maine are much like Vermont, where residents can grow and cultivate marijuana but have no legal way to buy it.

Recreational state marijuana laws

In 2019, new legislation was passed to license stores and dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana to people over 21 years of age. Now in 2020, you can buy up to one ounce as a resident, or Maine state visitor.

After a slow legislative process, the first marijuana dispensaries opened in November 2018, for adult use, recreational marijuana, which has been legal for over a year.

The state first allowed dispensaries to open after the Cannabis Control Commission finally set requirements and approved licenses.

Now more and more dispensaries are opening up each month throughout Massachusetts in 2020.

In 2014 voters passed Initiative 71, which legalized recreational marijuana for anyone over 21 years of age. Under D.C. laws anyone can possess up to two ounces of marijuana. Plus, residents can grow and cultivate up to six plants, so long as only three are flowering at any given time.

In 2015, Alaska becomes a state where recreational marijuana is legal and still is in 2020. Anyone over 21 years old may possess and transfer up to an ounce of marijuana to another adult, legally. Plus, residents can grow 6 cannabis plants, so long as only 3 are flowering at any given time.

Michigan is another progressive state where recreational marijuana is legal since December 2018. However, lawmakers have been slow to implement licensing for dispensaries to sell adult-use cannabis.

However, they expect to have things rolling by Next month (June 2019) and anyone over 21 years of age may buy up to one ounce of marijuana per dispensary visit.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) will begin processing dispensary applications and install the rules and regulations that will govern the recreational industry in Michigan moving forward.

Oregon is well known as a progressive cannabis-friendly state and their recreational marijuana laws reflect that. Residents can grow and cultivate up to 4 plants on their home property, plus possess 8 ounces of smokable marijuana at home, and carry one ounce on their person.

Unfortunately, there is no legislation that will legalize recreational marijuana sales in Oregon, but they still produce some of the world's highest quality weed.

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