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Star Killer Strain - Liberty Health Sciences Flower Reviews

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

In 2021, Liberty Health Sciences is becoming a big Florida dispensary, with 22 locations so far, statewide. LHS offers approved patients many premium medical marijuana products like; THC and CBD vape oil, topicals, tinctures, and more recently, smokable flower.

Liberty Health Sciences Flower - Star Killer

Liberty Health Sciences Education Centers (dispensaries) are an extension of Aphria, their parent company, with dispensaries in other states as well.

Florida’s medical marijuana industry recently expanded under new legislative leadership, which allows for additional dispensary licenses, and locations throughout the state. It also legalized marijuana flower for approved patients, with the correct recommendation from their MMJ doctor.

Most Florida dispensaries offer a 1/8th of an ounce of flower for between $35 - $55, which isn’t really a bargain these days. However, “we only paid $28 for a 1/8th of an ounce of Star Killer strain, from Liberty Health Sciences dispensary in Port St Lucie.

Star Killer Strain

Star Killer one of the most potent marijuana strains in existence which comes in at a whopping 20%-29% THC. This is an Indica heavy strain that exemplifies those characteristics from the plant’s appearance, to the overwhelming body high, and pain-relieving effects.

Bred from Rare Darkness #2, a very rare strain, and Skywalker OG, making it a powerful and sought-after marijuana strain. Not to mention that it won Colorado's Cannabis Cup in 2016.

Star Killer strain CBD oil

Star Killer buds contain a thick and noticeable resin deep within the flowers, with bright orange hairs that stand out against the natural bud’s darker color.

The dense purple buds are larger in size, compared to most marijuana strains, and when properly cured offer a powerful fruity smell and taste.

Liberty Health Sciences Star Killer Flower

What Are The Medical Uses for Star Killer Strain?

According to patient reviews and medical marijuana doctors’ input, the consensus is that Star Killer strain offers amazing pain relief, along with almost sedative like relaxation.

It is good for those with moderate to severe pain and can be a substitution for traditional opioid pain killers for long-term pain management treatments.

Moreover, Star Killer provides such high THC concentrations that it can help provide relief from intense anxiety, depression, and other painful disorders.

Being a heavy Indica dominant strain also makes Star Killer a great sleep aid. You can just take a couple puffs from a joint, or a bowl and sleep soundly.

Lastly, it’s a great strain to have on deck for those long days at the office when you come home and need to unwind and relax. You can count on it to melt the day away and allow you to center your thoughts, or just go to bed happy.

Where Can I Buy Star Killer Strain Flower?

With so many dispensaries popping up around the state, we’ve made it simple to locate the Liberty Health Sciences dispensary with Star Killer strain available.

Liberty Health Sciences Florida dispensary locations

Although, not all their physical locations will have flower in stock, you may need to use LHS’s MMJ home delivery service. (Call to order 833.254.4877)

Star Killer Strain Review Conclusion

If you are already an approved medical marijuana patient in Florida and wish to buy Star Killer strain from Liberty Health Sciences, its easy in 2019. You can order online for in store pickup, or home delivery.

Or, you can simply pop into any of the LHS dispensary locations in person. Either way Star Killer strain is here to stay and with LHS selling it for $28 bucks per 1/8th the demand will continue to grow.

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