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MUV Concentrates Reviews | AltMed Products

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

With a booming medical marijuana industry poised to be worth around $450 Million by 2022, new dispensaries in Florida are hoping to cash in. One of the newest is MUV (AltMed) dispensaries, which are known for their high THC concentrates and other premium MMJ products.

MUV dispensaries in Florida

MUV is a conglomeration between Plants of Ruskin, a well-known agriculture provider, and AltMed pharmaceutical company, both Florida based businesses. Patients who wish to buy MUV concentrates from AltMed dispensaries will need a valid Florida medical marijuana card, issued by the OMMU.

So far, their partnership works, and MUV dispensaries have become popular on social media for their high-quality concentrates, vape oils, topicals, tinctures, and flower form medical marijuana.

What are MUV Concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates are beneficial cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which are extracted from mature cannabis plants. Typically, MUV concentrates are extracted using ethanol, which is a single-stream process that can be done under cold or hot conditions.

MUV CBD oil in Florida

The results have been nothing short of amazing! You can find positive MUV concentrates reviews online everywhere in 2021.

What Are MUV Gold Concentrates?

Arguably the most popular MUV concentrates Gold version is crystallized cannabinoids immersed in liquified terpenes. It comes in 1,000MG amounts, which can be broken down into individual doses as needed.

MUV concentrates Gold

Typical pricing is $55, but look for MUV concentrate sales and savings, released periodically.

MUV Blue Concentrates

The MUV Blue concentrates are specifically engineered into small, rice-sized pieces of crystallized extract.

MUV concentrates Blue

They are about 25MG of THC each and provide an easier way to get regular doses than other concentrates available.

MUV Shatter Concentrates

The third type of MUV concentrates is their Shatter, which is a glass-like concentrate with a transparent golden appearance.

MUV concentrates Shatter

MUV Shatter dosing is like MUV Blue concentrates dosing, with each rice sized piece containing 25MG.

What Are The Effects from Concentrates?

The effects of taking marijuana concentrates can be considerably stronger than other ways of taking cannabis products, like smoking flower or consuming edibles.

However, once you’re used to the powerful, intense effects, you will notice MUV concentrates provide a clean, long-lasting euphoria that’s great for relieving pain and anxiety.

Be cautious not to overdo it with concentrates because they can leave you feeling groggy and sleepy if you take too much.

The whole idea behind them is that patients can get fast relief with smaller doses of highly concentrated marijuana.

So, be a responsible concentrate user to avoid any unpleasant experiences or feeling too intoxicated.

How To Use MUV Shatter?

There are several ways to properly take MUV concentrates, which include using a Dab-Rig, Dipper Vaporizer, or simply spreading it over a fresh bowl of flower.

Using a Dab-Rig can be tricky and even dangerous if not used properly. The way it works is by superheating the tip, nail, or glass bowl to between 540 degrees and 720 degrees. You will need a small blow torch to achieve this temperature, so be careful and learn how to safely use one before you try.

The Dipper Vaporizer is sold in MUV Florida dispensaries for $120 and is a bit easier to use then a Dab Rig, especially for beginners. It is a simple tool to use and allows you to load measured doses of concentrates into the coil receiver.

MUV Dipper Vaporizer for concentrates

Or, you can use the Dipper tip to superheat any concentrates so you can inhale as you would through a straw.

Another popular way to take concentrates effectively is by putting a small amount on top of a bowl or rolled up in a joint.

Marijuana concentrates in joint

This way you might get higher than expected because the doses can be unevenly distributed, so one puff may be stronger than the next.

Wrapping It Up!

If you haven’t tried MUV concentrates yet, they are worth the experience because they offer the most concentrated THC available in Florida.

However, without prior experience using them, it is recommended that you consult your MMJ doctor before you begin.

For those approved patients who want the best marijuana concentrates in Florida, I suggest that they try MUV concentrates in all of their dispensary locations.

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