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TruFlower Stardawg Strain Smokable Flower Review | Trulieve

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Know to be one of the funkiest types of marijuana available, TruFlower, Stardawg strain smokable flower, is available in Florida Trulieve dispensaries now. This strain is becoming a favorite among medical marijuana patients, looking to find relief from illnesses in the sunshine state. They are in luck because Stardawg strain has a long history of medical and, recreational uses around the world.

Stardawg strain flower from Trulieve dispensary

Trulieve was the first dispensary in Florida to become approved to sell marijuana flower in smokable form. Today, the medical marijuana products that Trulieve provides for patients has expanded exponentially, to include;

THC oil, CBD oil, vape oil, tincture oil, marijuana infused topicals, concentrates, and many strains of smokable flower.

Stardawg Strain Reviewed

This is a Sativa dominant hybrid which is a cross between Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg, originally cultivated in California’s Bay Area decades ago. Even though Stardawg is a hybrid marijuana strain, its diesel heritage comes through in spades.

Stardawg marijuana strain up close

From the first look the buds appear dark green with little to no orange hairs. However, you will notice the crystalline trichomes that seem to be infused throughout the flower, and even shine when the light changes angles.

When you break open the buds is when the true essence of Stardawg strain is realized, because your hit with an unmistakable dirty, dank odor that some people can find shocking, or even offensive.

Stardawg strain from Trulieve dispensaries

The smell is earthy and musky, but very appealing to cannabis enthusiast, who know the high, 22% THC concentrations in Stardawg marijuana flower.

What Are Stardawg Strain's Medical Marijuana Uses?

The intense euphoric feelings from taking a small amount of Stardawg marijuana strain is very useful to treat conditions such as; anxiety, stress, depression, and pain.

Moreover, recent studies show that high concentrations of THC can help reduce seizures intensity and duration in Epilepsy patients. The fast-acting effects from smoking TruFlower Stardawg flower from Trulieve can benefit these patients.

Many medical marijuana doctors in Florida are incorporating smokable flower into their patient’s treatment plans in 2019.

Stardawg Strain Smokable Marijuana Flower Products

We got lucky to find that the West palm Beach Trulieve dispensary location had plenty of smokable flower strains in stock.

Our purchase included ½ ounce Stardawg flower, ½ ounce Bubblegum flower and 1 gram of Diesel Rosin.

The 1/8ths cost between $43-$53 each and greatly depend on the THC concentrations.

It was a good day!

The marijuana flower quality is apparent right away at Trulieve dispensaries. Plus, we’ve reviewed and recommended, several of their flower strains already.

The first strain we smoked was the Stardawg flower, which was incandescent, with crystals and, white trichomes frosting the buds.

TruFlower strain reviews of Stardawg

The first puff was intense and filled with deep diesel dankness, with a sweet, almost fruity finish.

It hits you as soon as you exhale and you can feel yourself becoming happy and uplifted, free from worries, or concerns.

Where Can I Buy Stardawg Strain Marijuana Flower?

So far, Trulieve dispensaries are the only ones in Florida who offer Stardawg marijuana strain in smokable flower form. But that doesn’t mean that other dispensaries won’t be selling it soon as well. It just depends on what strains are available and which dispensaries cultivate them.

For now, approved medical marijuana patients in Florida can buy Stardawg strain, smokable flower in any of their locations statewide.

However, the demand in Florida is so high that not all the dispensaries will have every strain in stock all the time.

Wrapping it up!

The demand for medical marijuana in Florida has grown so much the past year that, dispensaries are having trouble keeping smokable flower in stock. Still, there are several ways to guarantee that you will be able to smoke Stardawg flower from Trulieve.

  1. Order flower online – Trulieve official website provides approved patients with an easy way to order medical marijuana products online. You simply make an account, then, search the TruFlower marijuana strains you want to buy. Finally, send your order in and pick up your cannabis in person, or request a delivery.

  2. Take advantage of Trulieve delivery – Approved patients can call Trulieve anytime and speak with an associate to place an order for TruFlower delivery.

  3. Go straight into a local dispensary – The moment your approved by the FL Health Gov (OMMU) patients can just go into a Trulieve dispensary near me. This way you can get first dibs on all of the smokable flower that’s available including, Stardawg strain.

Either way, you will be pleasantly surprised by the look, smell, taste and, strong euphoric effects from this highly sout after marijuana flower strain, from Trulieve dispensaries in Florida.

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