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MUV Rosin Concentrate Reviews | Chemhund Hybrid Strain

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

A blossoming medical marijuana industry in Florida has provided patients with new, innovative medicines and, more access to premium cannabis-derived strains and products. In fact, recently, the Florida legislation changed to allow marijuana in smokable flower form, which is what patients have wanted since the beginning.

Moreover, canna-based products that have become popular with patients in other states, have now become available in Florida as well.

MUV Rosin reviews

Extraction methods have also been revolutionized to give patients better quality medical marijuana products, free from poisonous solvents or, outside contaminants.

Progressive dispensaries in Florida have advanced patient care by developing high-quality concentrates such as MUV Dry Sift Rosin. To date, this is the cleanest type of medical marijuana extract available on the market today and continues to grow in popularity among patients in the sunshine state.

What is Rosin?

If you have ever taken any kind of marijuana concentrates before, then you know they are typically extracted using some type of chemical methods like, Ethanol, Butane, C02, or others.

MUV - Chemhund Rosin strain

Unlike other extraction methods, to properly produce Rosin Concentrates, only pressure, and heat is applied. This process makes a much cleaner medicine for patients to ingest. There are no solvents to remove and the final product is dry.

Using solvent-free extraction processes makes MUV dispensary stand out amongst an ever-growing medical marijuana landscape by, making Rosin Concentrates available.

Chemhund Strain Rosin from MUV Reviewed

So far, the best information we have about MUV Chemhund strain is that it is their version of Chemdawg, a very popular Hybrid marijuana. This is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains and will produce some serious euphoric feelings, great for an array of medical applications.

Plus, being Rosin concentrate means that you're getting more of the THC and CBD compounds, then in any other concentrated form. Not to mention, there are zero contaminants or, leftover solvents in any of the MUV Rosin products, since they never use them, to begin with.

How to Use Rosin Concentrates?

There are a few different ways to properly use Rosin concentrates to get the best results. Patients and their medical marijuana doctors should discuss the best administration routes for your specific healthcare needs.

However, many people already know and enjoy concentrate products such as Crumble, Shatter, Concentrate Syringes, and others.

Well using Rosin works in the same way, by either ingesting it orally or, using a dab-rig or, another type of heating element.

Rosin Concentrates Dab Rig

MUV dispensaries official website states that each rice sized piece of Rosin is equal to 25MG, of medical marijuana.

But taking it by mouth and smoking Rosin can have drastically different effects. It’s important to understand the bioavailability of cannabinoids in both ingestion methods.

When you take Rosin or, any concentrated forms of marijuana by mouth, they will metabolize more slowly and last much longer, then if you smoke them.

Where Can I Buy Rosin Dry Sift Concentrates?

There are only a couple Florida dispensaries currently producing Rosin, Trulieve, and MUV. Both have excellent products, but for this article, we are reviewing MUV Rosin in particular.

We always want to provide real reviews, for actual products we buy and use ourselves. So, we decided to drive to MUV dispensary in Wellington, FL to see if they had Rosin available. We were in luck and scored some, because, for the most, Rosin seems to be sold out moments after getting it in-stock.

The dispensary was easy to find, located right off US-441, south of Southern Blvd, a popular crossroad in Wellington, FL.

MUV dispensary in Wellington

We bought 1 gram (1,000 MG) of Chemhund Hybrid strain Rosin for $70.00. (Minus the first time patient discount of 25%)

MUV Dispensary Locations?

Since early 2018, MUV dispensaries have been opening their doors for business. Although MUV isn’t the biggest dispensary in Florida, it is one of the best. They have planned several additional dispensary locations to open in 2022, but for now, here are the currently open MUV dispensary locations.

  • Apollo Beach - 5909 N U.S. Hwy 41, Apollo Beach, FL 33572

  • Sarasota - 5045 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232

  • Tampa - 7229 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33614

  • Wellington - 1045 South State Road 7 Suite 200, Wellington, FL 33414

  • Longwood - 1090 W State Rd 434, Longwood, FL 32750

  • Jacksonville - 1550 Hendricks Ave Suite 4, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Wrapping it Up!

There are a lot of dispensaries in Florida that patients can choose to buy their medical marijuana from these days. Plus, with advancements in patient care and revolutionary medical marijuana products, the patients who need relief from illness or, injuries can finally get it legally.

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