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TruFlower 9LB Hammer Strain Review – Trulieve Products

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

For anyone who follows our Florida dispensary strain reviews, you already know that Trulieve dispensary consistently provides patients with potent, fully cured smokable flower, in a diverse variety of strains and strengths. We’ve reviewed many Trulieve products, and other dispensaries products as well. The goal is to give patients an inside look into the best medical marijuana to treat many different conditions and symptoms.

9LB Hammer strain review from Trulieve dispensary

9LB-Hammer Strain Review [ All You Need To Know to Benefit Fully ]

Here we’ve completely reviewed TruFlower 9LB Hammer Indica strain in smokable flower form, from Trulieve dispensary in Vero Beach, FL.

This powerful Indica strain offers a multitude of medical uses and Trulieve is the only Florida dispensary with 9LB Hammer in stock!

What Is 9LB Hammer Strain?

Simple one of the best Indica strains on planet earth that produces strong euphoric effects, that can last for hours. 9LB Hammer has strong Indica lineage and was originally produced by JinxProof Genetics that crosses Jack the Ripper, Gooberry, and Hells OG strains.

[source - https://www.leafly.com/indica/9-pound-hammer ]

9LB Hammer strain up close

9LB Hammer was an instant sensation for its strong effects, which can leave you comatose and provide a whopping 22% - 24% THC.

The buds are dense and glisten with a deep purple resin you can instantly feel, and see when breaking up the flower to smoke. Not to mention, when properly cured, the outside of the bud is slightly crispy and covered with trichomes and THC crystals.

TruFlower 9LB Hammer buds up close

There’s a mix between dark green and light green hues, intertwined with orange hairs and a thick, dense resin, from deep within the flower.

The Terpene profile is fruity with a slight diesel finish that’s very enjoyable, and mild, compared to other Sativa dominant strains. You can taste a strong blueberry essence on the inhale, coupled with sweet berries on the exhale.

TruFlower 9LB Hammer Strain from Trulieve Dispensary

We are always happy when Trulieve dispensary has 9LB Hammer strain, in smokable flower form in stock.

This time it was the Vero Beach location that had 9LB and several other strains available for pickup or, delivery.

TruFlower 9LB Hammer Indica flower products

We chose to pick up the same day and was able to buy two 1/8th’ of 9LB Hammer flower for $53.00 each.

As usual, it’s much easier to order online with Trulieve’s official website which gives patients the option to choose their location and pick up or, delivery options. The website makes it much easier to obtain the exact strains and Trulieve products you want to buy.

Patients can choose from in-stock products like; vaporizer cartridges, tincture, THC oil, CBD oil, concentrates, Rosin, TruCMBL, Shatter, and smokable flower.

Once you find the products you want to buy simply add them to your online shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Your specific order will be ready for pick up within 3 hours or less.

In our case, the 9LB Hammer smokable flower was ready within 30 minutes and the Vero Beach location is fast getting patients in and out, considering so many people are always there.

TruFlower 9LB Hammer container

Trulieve dispensary prices are the highest in Florida for most of their products but, considering the high quality, it’s a small price to pay for the best medical marijuana.

What Are Medical Uses for 9LB Hammer Strain?

The medical uses and applications of 9LB Hammer strain for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, or pain are plentiful. The onset of relaxation is fast, that 9LB Hammer provides is better than most Benzodiazepines that patients take, which are riddled with negative side effects.

You can expect to feel major relaxation, mixed with a strong, yet gentle euphoric effect like a calm relaxing massage. These effects can last for hours and it may be best to use 9LB Hammer before bedtime for great night sleep.

Moreover, the strong body sensation produced by 9LB Hammer can alleviate pain and reduce swelling in joints, tissues, and muscles. The short-term pain applications are great for patients with injuries or, symptoms from illnesses. Many cancer patients can use 9LM Hammer’s strong effects as a sleep aid, pain medication, and hunger inducer.

TruFlower 9LB Hammer strain Indica smokable flower

The long-term pain-reducing effects from 9LB Hammer can be seen with pain management patients that transition from traditional medications like; Opioids and successfully reduce or, stop using them altogether by taking 9LB Hammer strain for pain instead.

Indica strains generally are great for anxiety issues and can elevate the onset of panic attacks in some patients. Many medical marijuana doctors in Florida are incorporating 9LB Hammer into their patient's MMJ treatment plans, knowing TruFlower strains are available.

Some of the most popular medical uses for 9LB Hammer strain are;

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Seizures

  • Pain

Plus, many other medical applications that Indica strains would help treat.

Wrapping It Up!

Hopefully, this post helped you understand what TruFlower 9LB Hammer strain looks, smells, tastes, and the effects you can expect. As of August 2019, only Trulieve dispensary has 9LB Hammer strain, in smokable flower or, any other type of medical marijuana products.

Patients who suffer from anxiety and depression will love this strain for its calming effects. Plus, anyone who needs help falling asleep at nighttime will appreciate the deep REM sleep that’s possible.

Participating medical marijuana doctors in Florida agree that using strong Indica strains can be an effective way to treat many of the approved conditions. Plus, do so without the negative side effects that traditional medications can have, especially long-term.

We give TruFlower 9LB Hammer strain a 9 out of 10 for its effective medical uses and potent characteristics.

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