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Bubble Gum OG Strain Smokable Flower Review – MedMen Dispensary

Updated: Apr 14

MedMen Dispensaries in Florida is providing high-quality medical marijuana products to approved patients while setting the bar for clean extraction processes and potent smokable flower strains. Using the same manufacturing standards that the biotech and pharmaceutical industry utilizes allows MedMen to produce medical-grade cannabis products with consistent effects.

MedMen West Palm Beach location

They have made major investments in Florida and in other states as well with 19 licensed facilities operating nationwide.

bubblegum strain cbd oil

Also, a large supporter of pro-marijuana legalization groups that MedMen Dispensary financially supports, to help shape cannabis laws nationwide.

Bubble Gum OG Strain

Bubble Gum OG is a heavy Indica dominant strain that was cultivated by cross-breeding Bubble Gum and OG Kush strains. This high THC strain produces a strong euphoric high and is associated with uplifting happy feelings great for medical conditions like anxiety and depression. Along with pain-reducing body effects that can soothe tension, reduce pain and provide relief.

Bubble Gum OG strain MedMen dispensary

The buds on Bubble Gum OG are condensed and filled with heavy resin coated with crystals and trichomes. On closer inspection, the pistols from fully matured and properly cured Bubble Gum OG are a tan translucent color. Surrounding the entire flower is a white frost of THC filled trichomes which is the ultimate sign of quality bud by anyone’s standards.

MedMen Bubble Gum OG Smokable Strain

The Bubble Gum OG we bought from MedMen Dispensary was located on Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach in a beautiful and fully remodeled building. The staff was extremely friendly and helped us understand the different MedMen products and their benefits clearly. [ MedMen West Palm Beach official website ]

Bubble Gum OG strain CBD oil

We were specifically there to buy flower but after learning that a 1,000mg THC vape cart only costs $65.00, we bought those too.

  • A 1/8th ounce of Bubble Gum OG flower costs $40.00

The flower was great and full of big, dense buds, not small popcorn buds. Not to mention our batch of Bubble Gum OG flower had a lot of purple and orange hairs coming out from a dense purple resinous center. This is clearly seen under the 5-times magnification jewelers' loop photo we took moments after opening the MedMen flower container.

MedMen Bubble Gum OG trichomes

Bubble Gum OG strain tastes a lot like it smells which is very fruity, with sweet berry flavors and lemon undertones.

The fruity flavors are derived from the excellent terpenes profile of this strain and produce intense berry and lemon taste on the exhale. The effects were more than expected and the onset of happy thoughts was almost immediate and completely uplifting without any anxiety whatsoever. After the 3rd bowl you can expect to be feeling pretty laid back and the couch or your favorite recliner will do you well.

The relaxation you get from Bubble Gum OG flower from MedMen lasted almost 2 hours before needing another dose, which was a welcomed surprise.

Medical Uses for Bubble Gum OG Strain

Because Bubble Gum OG is an Indica dominant marijuana strain, it’s medical uses revolve around conditions where being relaxed is key. So obviously it is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression, but also can help reduce seizures, and symptoms from Parkinson’s disease. Florida medical marijuana doctors can recommend Indica strains like Bubble Gum OG for the following conditions;

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Parkinson’s

  • Seizures

  • Epilepsy


  • Pain

  • Arthritis

Plus, many more!

Where to Buy Bubble Gum OG Smokable Flower Strain?

There are only 22 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, of which 10 are approved to sell smokable flower products. So far, MedMen dispensary is the only MMTC that has Bubble Gum OG strain in-stock. Approved patients can visit a MedMen dispensary in person or set up a delivery.

MedMen dispensary smokable flower reviews

At this time, they will only deliver MMJ products within a 25-mile radius of the dispensary location. That is a bit weak compared to other dispensaries in Florida who will deliver statewide.

Still, if you want the best smokable marijuana flower strains it’s absolutely worth the drive to get high-quality buds.

MedMen Dispensary Locations in Florida

  • West Palm Beach - 539 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

  • Jacksonville Beach - 308 3rd St. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

  • Key West - 130 Duval St. Key West, FL 33040

  • Orlando - 11551 University Blvd. Orlando, FL 32817

  • Pensacola - 5048 Bayou Blvd Pensacola, FL 32503

  • Sarasota - 1410 Main St. Sarasota, FL 34236

  • St Petersburg - 326 5th Ave. North St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Wrapping it Up!

The attention to detail can be seen with MedMen dispensaries the second you walk into one. The MMTC’s are set up well and easy to navigate and the staff is attentive to patients the moment they walk through the door.

This meticulous attention to detail is the most noticeable with all the products. If you are looking for a dispensary with the best smokable flower strains like Bubble Gum OG, then MedMen is surely worth the effort. You will know that many years of cultivation expertise goes into each of their grows, and the medical marijuana products are reliable and consistently potent.

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