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CBD Oil For Autism - Can Medical Marijuana Treat Autism

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

CBD for Autism

Autism is a serious and complex neurologic disorder that affects about 1 percent of all children born worldwide. According to the Center For Disease Control, 1 in 68 kids is born in the USA per year with autism spectrum disorder, ranging from high, too low functioning depending on the severity. Although research continues there is no cure for ASD and people who are born with it must deal with the symptoms for the rest of their lives.

CBD oil for autism

Many families, doctors, and patients want to find an alternative medication to relieve symptoms and are beginning to take medical marijuana to treat their autism.

People who have "high functioning Autism" have an easier time dealing with normal life and interactions with others. They still have difficulty making eye contact with others or being touched but they can usually manage to get through their days by sticking to a routine.

Whereas the opposite is true in people with "low functioning Autism" they cant deal with social situations and may have violent outbursts at any time. These extreme cases occur in about 10 percent of people diagnosed with ASD and are the most difficult to treat successfully.

Why Is CBD Oil Effective to Treat Autism ?

The Endocannabinoid system is the largest regulatory system found within human beings and is responsible for controlling many body functions.

CBd to treat autism

Although there isn't documented research yet the correlation between CBD and autism has proven important because ASD effects a lot of the same brain functions that CBD reacts with. In real-world application in autism cases worldwide, reports have surfaced showing CBD oil for autism reducing symptoms in intensity and duration. Plus, unlike tradition medications which are very powerful narcotics, CBD to treat autism has no negative side effects which are a big deal for parents with autistic children.

CBD treatments have allowed them to regain their lives, not under the influence of traditional medications.

CBD Oil Dosage For Autism

There isn't really an exact CBD oil dosage for autism because each case is different and not everyone's reaction to CBD is the same. However, there is a lot of information available about patients who are currently treating autism with CBD oil dosages that you can mirror and see the effects from.

You can also consult a CBD doctor in states that have cannabis legalized for medical purposes. However, most of them will tell you the same thing which is to start slow and wait to see the effect from a low CBD dosage, then increase as needed.

CBD is not a cure, but it surely helps with many things associated with autism and can provide some relief without intoxication. Since there is very little THC (not enough to get high) the psychoactive component in marijuana in CBD oil you can give a larger dose to an autistic person as needed and not be concerned with any bad effects. In fact, any unused cannabinoid (CBD) will simply pass through the body if not used naturally.

Is CBD Oil Safe To Treat Autism?

CBD oil is one of the safest treatments for autism in the marketplace today because there aren't any side effects associated with the supplement. Cannabinoid (CBD) comes directly from a hemp marijuana plant, specially bred to produce high levels of CBD, and almost no THC. It's very safe compared with traditional medications that puts kids in a state of phycosis to treat their symptoms.

Many patients suffering from autism use medical marijuana to treat their symptoms and include both CBD and THC therapy. Often times the combination provides the autistic brain to better function and have a leveler phycological and chemical saturation of neurons, reducing symptoms over-all.

Best CBD Oil For Autism

Depending on how the person reacts to treatment the first time will give you some data to find the best CBD oil for autism. Traditionally you want to find a CBD oil that is manufactured free of chemicals, pesticides, or any other agent that can end up being harmful if ingested. Most CBD oil for autism offered today is organic and high in CBD content. There are several CBD delivery systems to choose from like:

  • CBD Tincture Oil

  • CBD Nasal Spray (good for instant relief from an autistic episode)

  • CBD Patches (good for children)

  • CBD Gummy Bears

  • CBD Capsules

Plus many more products coming available soon to find the best CBD oil for autism, that's also easy to ingest.

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