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Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida, Near You!

The most difficult part of obtaining medical marijuana in Florida today is finding the right doctor near you. We have eliminated this problem by supplying our guests unlimited access, to all state certified MMJ doctors in Florida.

No matter where you live in the sunshine state, you can now locate the top doctors in your local area. Then you can read about their practice, why they are in the marijuana patient care industry and get their fees upfront, before you schedule.

We have amazing "true cannabis believers" as our member doctors, that always put patients needs first. If you think you qualify, you probably do! Under Amendment 2's expanded guidelines, marijuana doctors are now able to treat many symptoms of illness, with medical grade marijuana.

Locate a top cannabis doctor near you today. Get instructions on how to obtain a medical marijuana ID card in Florida.

Tampa has become a major medical marijuana city. Cannabis doctors and patients are thriving in a green-minded community atmosphere.

Get help managing your account with The Office Of Medical Marijuana Use. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate which Florida MMJ doctor is nearest to you.

  2. Access their webpage and research their practice

  3. Review the doctors pricing and fee schedules.

  4. Get direct contact details

  5. Schedule your first MMJ appt! You're almost there.