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Florida Keys Indica Strain – GrowHealthy Smokable Flower

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We have reviewed many different smokable flower strains from GrowHealthy dispensary recently which have ranked amongst the best marijuana in Florida. They consistently produce high-quality cannabis strains that are perfectly manicured and cured to perfection.

The most recent addition to the GrowHealthy Master Grower’s Series of smokable flower is the Florida Keys strain. This easily fits into one of the best medical marijuana strains of smokable flower produced today. Florida Keys strain provides sedative effects, coupled with heightened awareness and an uplifting euphoric effect that is great for many medical conditions.

Florida Keys Strain

The Florida Keys Master Grower’s Series is an Indica strain comprised of Bubba Kush and X Key Lime Mints phenotypes. The complex terpene profile contributes to the positive health effects that Florida Keys strain provides. The accelerated terpenes include Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, and Trans Caryophyllene. These terpenes produce the intense aromas, flavors, and strong effects that will no doubt catapult Florida Keys strain into becoming a local favorite among MMJ patients soon.

florida keys strain guide

Look, Smell, and Taste of Florida Keys Strain

We purchased Florida Keys strain from GrowHealthy dispensary in Stuart, Florida, and was made aware of its availability from their official website email. At first glance, the buds are green and very well-manicured, which we have come to expect with the Master Grower’s Series of smokable flower. Once the buds were exposed, it was obvious that it was some serious weed. The pungent, fruity smell was immediately apparent and literally filled the room.

The medium-sized buds were extremely sticky with resin and had dark purple hues throughout. This purple lineage is derived from Florida Keys strain’s Bubba Kush lineage which commonly produces deep purple colorations and characteristics.

The green bowl hit provides an array of terpenes that offer exhilarating taste you experience on the inhale, which turn into fruity, almost lemon-like on the exhale.

GrowHealthy Master Grower’s Series of smokable flower truly showcases the best parts of any strain’s characteristics. Florida Keys strain is no exception, and it is easily the best Indica marijuana strain in Florida.

Medical Uses of Florida Keys Indica Strain

Being an Indica strain gives Florida Keys flower many medical uses so patients can treat the unpleasant symptoms from their medical conditions. The intense body euphoria works wonders for pain and soreness. The terpenes also provide a long-lasting head high that can melt away anxiety and symptoms from depression, easily. The long cure that GrowHealthy Master Grower’s Series flower, emphasizes these characteristics profoundly.

Anxiety Relief

Florida Keys is a strain that is made for anxiety patients looking for fast-acting relief from debilitating acute anxiety symptoms and prolonged anxiety issues. The moment you inhale, the relief begins, and you can become ‘comatose’ after just a few hits. The anti-anxiety properties that Florida Keys strain contains are derived from its strong Indica lineage.

PTSD Symptoms

Since Florida Keys is a great strain for anxiety-related issues, including acute onset anxiety, there are many benefits that people who suffer from PTSD can take advantage of, as well. It also works great as a sleep aid and can be taken at bedtime to help ensure a good night’s sleep. This can contribute to an overall anxiety-free day.

The Indica characteristics can help keep you grounded while providing the euphoric relief that an overactive brain needs to settle down uneasy thoughts. Moreover, people suffering from depression related to PTSD, can find relief in daily doses of Florida Keys Indica strain’s powerful relief.

Depression Relief

Anxiety, PTSD, and depression often go hand in hand. The effects of depression can be debilitating and cause someone to lose interest in life, and self-isolate completely. The uplifting high associated with Florida Keys strain provides just enough happy thoughts to get you out of a depressive state, while not producing any anxiety, whatsoever.

Where to Buy Florida Keys Strain?

Today, only GrowHealthy dispensary offers Florida Keys strain in their Master Grower’s Series of smokable flower products. They recently introduced some related strains on their regular flower series like Islamorada Strain, Key Largo strain, and Key West strain, any of which you can buy online or in GrowHealthy dispensary locations in Florida.


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