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Gelato Vape Cartridge Review | Curaleaf THC Vape Carts

Updated: Apr 14

Since Florida legalized medical marijuana, we have reviewed many dispensary products and smokable flower strains. According to reports by dispensaries in Florida, some patients prefer to consume their cannabis using smokable flower. On the other hand, many patients use vape carts consistently, either as their sole inhalation method, or in addition to others like topicals, edibles, smokable flower or cannabis oils.

Vaping is different from any other way to consume cannabis. There are unique health benefits, along with pros and cons for patients to weigh against the results they want to achieve.

What Are Vape Carts?

Vape carts are cartridges filled with extracted marijuana oil that contains more concentrated CBD or THC than natural cannabis flower. The cartridge fits into a chargeable battery that looks like a pen, in most cases. The typical vape cart is a 5-10 thread which is universally sold at smoke shops, vape shops, and dispensaries in Florida.

Gelato carts curaleaf

Vape carts come in a plethora of strains and strengths, depending on your healthcare needs. Florida dispensaries offer vape carts in different amounts which typically range from 400mg to 500mg or ½ gram. Some marijuana oil cartridges can be 1000mg, or 1 gram.

What is Gelato Strain Vape Carts Made Of?

There are several phenotypes available, but the true lineage for Gelato strain is an Indica leaning hybrid, produced from crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains. The resulting Gelato strain is very tasty and provides a satisfying terpene profile that is sweet and fruity.

It is a well-known strain to medical marijuana doctors and their patients for the wide variety of symptoms that Gelato strain vape carts can treat.

The smooth fruity taste appeals to just about everyone, making Gelato a strain to keep on deck.

Gelato Vape Carts Explained?

Gelato hybrid strain vape cartridges from Curaleaf dispensary is available at all their Florida locations most of the time. The vape oil itself looks clear with a slight green tint. The taste is amazing and has a light, fruity flavor on the inhale, followed by several fruity, yet pungent terpene layers on the exhale.

The actual milligrams can vary, like the Gelato vape cart we bought from Curaleaf in Jensen Beach, FL, which was 320mg. We have seen them as high as 425mg as well, from the same location.

What Are The Medical Benefits From Gelato Strain Vape Carts?

There are plenty of medical uses for Gelato strain in general, with additional health and wellness benefits from consuming marijuana via vaping. As an Indica leaning Hybrid strain, Gelato provides a significant body relaxation effect, coupled with an uplifting euphoric feeling.

Using vape carts provides medical benefits more quickly, and the effects can be significantly more intense than using smokable flower or other delivery devices. The combination works well for most people across the board and is great for treating the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • PTSD

  • Hunger issues

  • Symptoms from chemotherapy

  • General wellness

Wrapping Up Our Gelato Vape Carts Review

Patients have many different choices on how they want to use medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. In 2020, smokable flower has become the number one choice, followed closely by vape carts in strains like Gelato, as well as others. Curaleaf has a huge selection of products, including their vape carts.

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In fact, Curaleaf recently added their Live Resin vape carts, which are produced with solventless extraction techniques, making the vape oil resemble the terpene profile of flower.

Moreover, Florida dispensaries continuously run specials on their vape carts, so check out the dispensary discounts and pricing guide for details.


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