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Gorilla Grapes Strain TruFlower Reviews | Trulieve

Updated: Apr 14

Although a well-known marijuana strain in other states, Gorilla Grapes is relatively new to Florida. In fact, there is only one dispensary in Florida currently selling Gorilla Grapes, which is Trulieve. They are the largest dispensary that carries many different medical marijuana products including; THC oil, CBD oil, vape oil, topicals, smokable flower, concentrates, capsules, and other approved medicines.

Gorilla Grapes strain from Trulieve dispensary

Because of its massive popularity in Florida and around the world, we’ve created the Ultimate Gorilla Grapes Strain Guide to, fully understand this marijuana strain, its history, and, the specific health benefits that patients can expect.

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What Is Gorilla Grapes Strain?

For those who aren’t already familiar with Gorilla Grapes, it is a Hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Vino OG. Arguably two of the most sought-after strains in the country because of their enormous flower production and high THC content, good for many medical applications.

Gorilla Grapes marijuana strain close up

The buds/flowers are a medium green color, with sporadic shades of lighter green, that are quite distinctive to the eyes.

Taking a closer look, you will notice that the trichome production is very high and, covers the flower uniformly.

There is no doubt where the name Gorilla Grapes comes from for this strain, once you see the immense purple hairs and resin, seemingly infused throughout the buds.

Gorilla Grapes buds

This powerful Indica dominant hybrid tests out at over 24% THC, making it one of the most popular marijuana strains in Florida.

TruFlower Gorilla Grapes Strain Reviewed

Recent advancements in Florida’s MMJ laws have allowed dispensary expansion, along with the medical marijuana products they can sell to approved patients with an MMJ card.

Such an example would be; marijuana in smokable flower form, recently approved by the OMMU, and now legal for patients to buy and use.

Trulieve was the first dispensary to become approved by the OMMU to sell flower in Florida. Soon after, most of the other dispensaries have followed suit, making it a very competitive market, which is great for patients.

Over time the quality should rise and the prices should come down. But for now, the demand is just to high in the sunshine state with over 210,000 approved medical marijuana patients.

Not all of the cannabis in Florida is the same!

Trulieve TruFlower Gorilla Grapes Hybrid strain is one of the best!

What Are The Effects From Gorilla Grapes Strain?

Gorilla Grapes provides an almost instant, uplifting euphoric effect that makes you feel comfortable and anxiety-free. But you can expect that after 20 minutes the body high will kick in, making you feel relaxed and really helping with pain-related symptoms.

Gorilla Grapes flower upclose

The effects are both head and body, but, not too much either way, hence, the Hybrid genetics. These characteristics were cultivated into Gorilla Grapes strain over several years of genetic modifications, and, crossbreeding.

Over-all this strain produces long-lasting effects that can benefit patients for several hours before needing another dose.

What Are The Medical uses for Gorilla Grapes Hybrid Marijuana Strain?

The reason why Gorilla Grapes strain works so well for many medical conditions is that it’s a true Indica, with a Hybrid twist, which combats the downer, drowsy effects typically associated with Indica strains. This allows for much broader applications since patients that need to be alert during the day can still take Gorilla Grapes strain.

The body portion of the effects produced can specifically help with the pain. Many people have been using Indica dominant strains for pain relief because they work by affecting the body, and muscles, releasing the tension and reducing pain.

Patients who need an Indica strain to fall asleep at night can also benefit from Gorilla Grapes smokable flower. The optimal way to use it would be an hour before bedtime so that the Indica portion of the effects, has time to come through.

Some of the most popular uses for Gorilla Grapes medical marijuana strain comes from, patient reviews online, along with, Florida medical marijuana doctors’ feedback.

  • Moderate to severe pain

  • Insomnia and, other sleeping issues

  • Anxiety symptoms

  • Clinical Depression, General Depression Disorder

  • Seizures

  • Hunger stimulant

And other medical applications that are being discovered by, patients and their medical marijuana doctors.

Where to Buy Gorilla Grapes Marijuana Strain?

In Florida, there are 22-approved dispensaries that hold valid licenses by the state of Florida too, grow, produce, transport, and sell their marijuana products. Each dispensary must apply to the OMMU in order to be approved to sell “smokable flower”.

Not all of them have done this yet, moreover, no other dispensaries in Florida, are currently selling Gorilla Grapes strain in smokable flower form.

The best way is to order online at Trulieve’s Official Website here: [ https://www.trulieve.com/ ]

In 2019, the demand for smokable flower strains is tremendous, and patients need to get lucky to find it, simply walking into a Trulieve dispensary near me.

How to Buy Gorilla Grapes Flower from Trulieve?

A better way is to create an account with Trulieve online, which will require your full name, patient number, and address. Then you can search the different Trulieve dispensary locations in Florida, and, see which one has Gorilla Grapes strain in-stock.

Best places to buy Gorilla Grapes strain

Once you find it, simply order the amount you wish to buy and proceed to checkout. The dispensary will either deliver it to your address (with a $25 fee) or, you can pick it up at the chosen dispensary after 3 hours.

Wrapping Up Our Gorilla Grapes Strain Review

There are many different strains that patients can choose from in Florida today. It is important that you consult your 420 doctors to ensure that Gorilla Grapes or, any other marijuana strains, are right for your specific condition.

Hopefully, more dispensaries will create similar strains to Gorilla Grapes, which can be used for such a wide array of conditions and symptoms.

Not to mention that it’s one of the best-looking, tasting, smelling, and smoking marijuana strains on the planet.

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