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Grow Healthy Flower Reviews – 99 Problems Strain

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

With a fast-expanding medical marijuana industry in Florida, there are more dispensaries open for business in 2019, than ever before. One of the best Florida dispensaries is GrowHealthy, which has 16 physical locations across the state and offers free delivery service as well.

They carry a full line of medical marijuana products which include; CBD and THC vape oil, concentrates, topicals, tincture oils, and smokable flower.

Their official website’s mission statement is “Empowering Healthier Outcomes with Medical Cannabis” a trend you see throughout their products.

All of their premium products originate from a massive, indoor grow facility, which is in rural, central Florida. GrowHealthy boasts a state-of-the-art grow, and processing platform, which produces pure, potent, and, consistent cannabis products.

Using the newest cannabis technologies, and equipment, GrowHealthy provides patients with a properly dried, and cured smokable flower product.

99 problems strain is relatively new at GrowHealthy dispensaries in Florida. It’s a Sativa dominant strain, that provides an uplifting euphoric effect that lasts for hours. The most useful information comes from patient forums like Reddit, where you will find several comments about 99 Problems, and other Grow Healthy strains.

At first glance, you notice the darker green color with hints of purple hues, deep within the buds. The trichome production is heavy and the dark orange nodes indicate mature, and properly cured flower.

The smell is unique in that you get a multi-layer scent that starts with a deep pungent odor, which quickly finishes with an airy and light fruity balance. It’s the type of bud you can tell will be good when you roll a joint, or pack a bowl.

On the inhale, you will taste an array of fruity deliciousness, which lasts until you exhale, where you're overcome, by an almost instant head rush, and uplifted spirits.

Although 99 Problems is a Sativa strain, it’s not one that causes anxiety, in fact, you can be social and consumed with happy thoughts that promote and outgoing attitude, especially in public.

“We paid $53.00 for an 1/8 of an ounce of 99 problems smokable flower from GrowHealthy dispensary in West Palm Beach, FL.”

Patients can find several open dispensary locations today, with many more planned by GrowHealthy in 2019. Below are the locations that you can buy 99 Problems strain, or any other strains available today.

For anyone that wants to feel energized and maintain a light, energized head high all day long, should try 99 problems strain from GrowHealthy dispensary.

If you need to obtain the proper certifications and medical marijuana card needed to buy smokable flower in Florida, see our FAQ page for step-by-step instructions.

Do you already have a smokable flower recommendation and want to try 99 problems strain? You can visit a GrowHealthy dispensary in person, or order it online, for in-store pickup, or home delivery.

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