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How Much is a Pound of Weed Worth? [Complete Breakdown 2022]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The question, how much is a pound, is important for many different reasons. Whether you own a marijuana dispensary or just sell weed, you need to know how much a pound of weed is worth wholesale vs. retail, or broken down into smaller amounts, that you sell for a profit.

Plus, the value of a pound will fluctuate, depending on where you are located. The price of weed in California or Colorado is much different than the cost in other states.

Moreover, what a pound of weed is worth in America differs from other countries around the world.

Now let’s look closer into how much weed comprises a pound?

How Much Is a Pound of Weed?

Simply put, a pound of weed is 16 individual ounces, or 64 quarter ounces, or 453.592 grams.

These metric units are used to calculate the number of physical materials that make up the total weight of a specific amount.

Although there is some relation, it’s important to understand that the amount of weed is not the same as what a pound of weed is worth, because that depends on quality, strains, and the local market conditions.

What is a Pound of Weed Worth in California?

California was one of the first states to legalize marijuana for medical use, and recently recreational marijuana was legalized, as well. In response, the state has experienced exponential growth with cannabis sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

This is a great way to evaluate the price for weed because the cannabis stores in California have sold millions of pounds throughout the years.

Most locals know how much a pound of weed costs in typical recreational dispensaries.

You can find low-quality cannabis cheaper than high-quality, which is higher priced.

  1. Price for a pound of low-grade weed - $1,800

  2. Cost of a pound of high-quality marijuana - $2,800

How Much is a Pound in Florida?

Florida is a much different market because only medical marijuana is legal in the state.

People must qualify and obtain a medical marijuana ID card to purchase cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

The vertically integrated system keeps the price of weed higher in Florida than in other states with horizontally integrated systems.

In Florida, only preapproved dispensaries are allowed to cultivate and sell marijuana to patients with an approved marijuana card.

The dispensaries don’t sell pounds!

On the contrary, they sell much smaller portions. The most popular amount of weed is 3.5 grams or an eighth. Therefore, you can expect that Florida dispensary prices are inflated.

  • Price of a pound of medical marijuana - $5,120

How Much is a Pound of Weed in Colorado?

Another progressive state that legalized cannabis for recreational, adult use, is green Colorado, which is known for the Rocky Mountains, and many mesas that make this state beautiful.

But Colorado also has the lowest price for a pound of weed in the entire country.

This state was one of the first to legalize marijuana and is home to first-class cultivators and growers.

There are many dispensaries and weed stores in Colorado that sell cannabis to retail customers and wholesale clients around the state.

If you inquired about how much a pound of quality skunk weed vs. lower-grade cannabis was, you would see a big difference.

  1. Price for a pound of low-grade weed - $1,400

  2. Cost of a pound of high-quality marijuana strains - $2,200

What is a Pound of Weed Worth to a Dispensary?

If you own a dispensary or sell marijuana in some capacity, it is important to understand the difference between what a pound is worth wholesale and retail.

Assuming you can legally sell marijuana, if you buy a pound of weed in Colorado wholesale for $2,200, and then break it down into 16 whole ounces that you sell for $300 each, that is $4,800 total.

  • That means that a pound of weed is worth $2,600 in profits, once sold

How Much is a Pound of Weed Worth on the Streets?

Let’s hypothetically say that you want to know what a pound of weed is worth on the black market.

"Illegal marijuana is worth much more to dealers than you might think"

The markup and profit margins are substantial, which is why it is an attractive career for some people. Although it is highly recommended that you do not break any laws, let’s look at the math anyway.

If you purchase a pound of cannabis wholesale for $1,400 and break it down into 16 ounces to sell each for $325, that is $5,500 total.

  • That means that a pound of weed is worth $3,000 in profits on the street

Wrapping This Up!

While the fact remains that a pound will always be 16 ounces, that is far from how much a pound is worth. There are many ways to analyze the costs and profits for marijuana when sold in separate markets, in different amounts, and for varying prices.

Hopefully, we have shed some light on the interesting ways that marijuana is valued around the country in recent years.

A pound is a pound, no matter where you go, and always will be the same.

The price and cost of a pound vary drastically, so be prepared to do some research so you can take advantage of the different market prices of Mary-Jane.


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