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How Much is A Zip of Weed? [Complete Breakdown for 2022]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

There is so much slang terminology in the world of marijuana these days that it gets a bit overwhelming. For example, If you have ever bought marijuana, there is a good chance you asked the budtender or your dealer how much is a zip of weed, since buying a full ounce is typically cheaper than purchasing smaller amounts.

In some cases, the savings are substantial, and understanding what a "zip of weed" is, what a zip costs, as well as the quality, is important.

We’ve got you covered in this full breakdown and analysis about the cost vs. benefits of a zip of weed.

What Is a Zip of Weed?

In layman’s terms, a zip is simply one full ounce of weed. Or another way to look at it is that the zip of weed is equal to 28 grams.

The terminology originated simply because a “zip” of weed fits nicely into the large, sandwich size, zip lock bag.

If cannabis is dried and cured properly, not compressed ragweed, it will fill the Ziplock bag from top to bottom almost perfectly.

In some cases, you will need to push down on the top row of buds, just to completely close the zip locking action of the bag.

Many states where recreational marijuana is legal have set limits on the total amount of marijuana you can purchase for a “zip” or 1 full ounce of bud.

  • Buying a zip of weed is almost always cheaper than buying less than an ounce.

  • A zip is 4 quarter ounces, another popular amount of weed to buy and sell.

  • A zip is equal to 8 eighths of weed, one of the most popular amounts of weed for medical marijuana dispensaries to sell.

How Much Does a Zip of Weed Cost?

If you have ever asked how much does a zip of weed costs around here, you aren’t alone. But what you may not know is that it depends on a few important factors.

The true price of an ounce of marijuana depends on where you are, the quality of the weed, any discounts or coupons that can be applied, and the total amount you are buying.

  1. Example – Let’s say that you want an ounce of high-grade MAC 1 strain cultivated especially for dispensaries as medical marijuana in Florida. The price will be much higher than in other places because Florida dispensaries sell weed in eighth-ounce amounts, or 3.5 grams, mostly. Each eighth typically costs $50. So, an ounce would cost a total of 8x50= $400.

  2. Example – If you are in Colorado where marijuana is legal recreationally, you can only buy a zip of weed at any given time. But, that zip of weed will cost much less since legalization has created competition among cultivators which has driven down prices considerably. A zip of weed costs from $180 to $220, for high-quality weed.

  3. Example – You can usually find a zip of swag weed for under $100 just about wherever you are located.

How Much Does a Zip of Weed Weigh?

There are no smoke and mirrors, nor are there any variations when it comes to how much a zip weighs. A “zip” weighs exactly 29.3495 grams.

In America, most dispensaries and weed stores sell zips that weigh 28 grams even.

Another way to slice it up is by stating that a zip weighs 1/16 of a pound since there are 16 full ounces in one pound.

Truth be told, if you go into any place that sells marijuana or, if you, yourself sell cannabis, just remember a zip of weed weighs 28 grams and you will be good to go!

Also remember, a zip of weed weighs approximately as much as:

  • Sharpie pen

  • A DVD

  • Pair of sunglasses

Or something similar.

How Much Does Buying a Zip Save Me?

There is an obvious financial benefit to buying a full ounce, or a zip, compared to buying eighths or quarter-pound amounts.

The reasons are because the cost of buying a zip is typically less than purchasing smaller amounts.

Let’s break this down in more detail:

  1. An average price for an eighth of weed is $50. There are 8 eighths in a zip of weed

  2. So, buying a zip’s worth of weed, eighth by eighth, you will spend a total of $400

  3. Now, if you’re wondering how much a zip of weed will cost, a good average is $320

  4. So, if you can buy an entire zip up front, you may save around $80

Yes! Buying a zip will save you a great deal of money in the long run, and you will be paying higher prices for smaller amounts.

How Much is a Zip of Weed Worth?

If you sell cannabis, or you are planning to open a marijuana store, you will want to know how much a zip of weed is worth. Basically, the answer is what we have already discussed, but in reverse.

If you pay $320 for a zip of weed wholesale and turn around and sell 8 eighths for $50 each retail, then a zip is worth $80 in profit once it is completely sold.

Wrapping This Up Thoughtfully

You’ll never know when understanding how much a zip is worth will come in handy. However, you can now be confident that you understand every aspect of what an ounce is comprised of, why it’s called a zip, what a zip costs, and what it is worth in any situation.


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