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Find A Jacksonville Marijuana Doctors - Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card Today

Many people have already taken advantage of the new cannabis industry in Florida. Since new Legislation was signed into law in 2017, allowing access to qualifyed patients. Here we offer you an easy way to find a Jacksonville, FL Marijuana Doctor who can help you find relief through cannabis.

There are over 1,200 state certified MMJ doctors throughout the sunshine state, as of 3/09/2018. Many of them are located in big cities like Jacksonville to the North, Miami, or Tampa. But pretty much every city now has one, or two and we can help you find them all.

Show me all Florida State Certified Marijuana Doctors Now.

North Florida Sport And Spine is one of the best Jacksonville Marijuana Doctors according to patient reviews. Dr Joshua Henry MD is a back and spine specialist who also helps patients with pain management treatments. He has added a holistic "green" medicine approach now using medical marijuana to help treat Amendment 2 qualifyed patients.

Dr Henry also has a pracrtice on The Palm Coast of Florida, about an hour South of Jacksonville and is seeing patients at either location.

After your initial appointment we can help you navigate the states website and get your OMMU approval and ID card.

After your approval you may order your medical marijuana from any of the 13 dispensaries in Florida. They all offer slightly different products under FL state law. Please chedk their websites to find the best products to fit your treatment plans. Contact your MMJ doctors for more information.


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