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Lava Cake Strain Information [Everything You Need to Know]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Lava Cake strain is one of the most elusive strains of marijuana, and you would be lucky to find some available at your nearby dispensary.

If you are looking for a potent Indica leaning Hybrid, Lava Cake strain will not disappoint!

Lava Cake strain

Anyone who enjoys Indica marijuana will love Lava Cake because it provides just enough cerebral euphoria to spark your creative and artistic expressions, while relaxation pours over your body and melts away anxiety and stress.

This strain really is the best of both worlds...

What is Lava Cake Strain?

Lava Cake was originally created by crossing Grape Pie and Thin Mints strains, which gives it exceptional flavors with a deep terpene profile.

This strain is known for its flavors of sweet chocolate, with hints of minty deliciousness.

The dense buds smell piney while still in the bag. But, once you break one up, the smells change completely into a complex aroma filled with pine trees, fruity notes, and mint chocolate overtones.

lava cake strain cbd oil

The nugs, themselves, are small to medium footballs and are completely covered in orange hairs, smothered in white, frosty crystals of THC.

The large, center cola bud gets dense and sticky in the final two weeks of flowering. It is the most desirable part of this strain’s plant.

Once cut, dried, and properly cured, the colas are packed with the intense chocolate, minty flavors for which Lava Cake strain is famous.

Plus, the effects are somewhat rare, as well. You would imagine that an Indica leaning strain would have mostly Indica characteristics.

But Lava Cake marries Indica and Sativa benefits perfectly, and you will be surprised at the levels of euphoria this strain provides.

Lava Cake Strain’s Effects

At first, you might feel jittery on the exhale of your first toke. Don’t worry, this quickly fades into an even high that is magnificently cerebral, allowing for creativity to flourish.

You might start to paint or rearrange the furniture in your home because of a sudden, creative buzz that’s clear and concise.

The clarity of the Lava Cake strain’s effects is sought after by seasoned cannabis users and professional smokers, alike.

Following the rush of creative feelings will be a relaxed version of what you just experienced, and you will be able to sit and relax to enjoy your new creation.

The anti-anxiety relief is profound, without propelling you onto your couch for the night.

On the contrary, Lava Cake will provide the best uplifting euphoria, mixed with strong, and yet gentle relaxation.

You will get the munchies for sure, which is another benefit since this strain can be used for those who lack appetite, especially for those with a cancer diagnosis, who are going through chemo, and who need nutrition to keep up their strength.

This is one of the best medical marijuana strains for inducing hunger! Plus, the effects are long-lasting and great for treating many different conditions.

What are the Medical Applications

of Lava Cake Strain?

The medical applications for Lava Cake are far and wide, because of its beneficial hybrid effects.

People who use this strain report that it melts away stress and anxiety while allowing them to stay focused and not feel groggy or over-medicated.

But Lava Cake isn’t just great for mental and emotional conditions because it produces enough body high to easily reduce pain, and replace it with uplifting, happy feelings.

Plus, because there are no groggy sensations associated with Lava Cake, it works well for long-term pain management patients who need to be able to function at a high level in day-to-day life, while being pain-free as well.

Some additional medical conditions this strain works well for would be:

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Acute pain relief

  • Chronic pain management

  • Anxiety

  • ADD & ADHD

  • Loss of appetite

  • Crohn's Disease symptoms

Plus, many other mental and emotional conditions.

Recreational Benefits?

This is certainly a wonderful strain for adults to enjoy recreationally in states where marijuana is legal. Many folks buy Lava Cake strain from dispensaries that are known to carry it often.

Again, not many cannabis stores carry this strain because there aren’t many growers left with the original DNA.

However, if you can find it, then buy it and enjoy it!

Lava Cake is great for uplifting your mental state, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you are working on highly specific engineering projects that depend on focus and precision, or just spending a lazy day at the pool taking in the sun, it is a win-win for you.

How to Grow

Lava Cake Strain?

There is only a slim chance you could get your hands on authentic Lava Cake seeds. The only growers who have it keep the genetics a secret.

Although, some lucky growers can obtain clones of the original Lava Cake #11 strain, straight from the source.

This is the reason you may see it drop at a dispensary near you, from time to time.

The Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) lineage makes the Lava Cake plants short and bushy. They tend to produce large, solid colas that will need support during growth and flowering stages via trellis nets or some other way.

If not, the colas can lean and fall, and you will not maximize the yields, which can be substantial with properly grown Lava Cake plants.

Some useful tips are:

  1. Flower times are - 65-75 days

  2. Yields indoors - 1.5 ounces per plant

  3. Trellis nets required for proper support

Wrapping This Up

Being a highly sought after, yet elusive strain, Lava Cake is among people’s top 5 favorite strains. Unfortunately, you may only be able to obtain it a couple of times per year.

So, enjoy it completely if you’re lucky enough to score a batch.

You may want to put some away for a rainy day, because once you smoke what you have it will be gone until you get lucky again, so be prepared.


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