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MUV Headband Strain Smokable Flower Reviews | Products

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

MUV dispensaries in Florida is a conglomeration between two well-known suppliers, of premium medical marijuana products in other states and, around the globe. Plants of Ruskin and AltMed Enterprises joined together to bring high-quality medical marijuana products to patients in Florida, who are suffering from debilitating illnesses. Both companies bring a wealth of knowledge and experience cultivating and processing marijuana into medicine.

This is 1 eighth of Headband flower from MUV on July 4th, 2019

Headband marijuana strain smokable flower | MUV dispensary

In fact, Plants of Ruskin has been an agricultural leader in Florida for over 100 years.

While AltMed Enterprises brings superior, pharmaceutical precision, to MUV MMJ products. Ultimately, MUV dispensary products are produced based on science, and fueled by results.

MUV Smokable Flower Headband Strain in Florida

Florida recently approved MUV dispensary to sell smokable flower to approved patients in 2019. There are a few simple hoops that patients will need to jump through, before heading off to the dispensary.

Patients will need the proper “smokable flower recommendation” from signed from their medical marijuana doctor.

Now patients can benefit from desirable, smokable flower like, MUV Headband strain, a Hybrid marijuana strain, with effective medical applications.

Headband Marijuana Strain

If you haven’t heard about Headband marijuana strain, then you should head over to MUV, and get some of their smokable flower. Being an evenly distributed Hybrid gives Headband strain a vast array of benefits & effects, which patients can utilize for many conditions.

Check out the trichomes production on Headband strain, from MUV dispensary in Wellington, FL.

Headband strain flower reviews

Headband strain is a cross between OG Kush, and Sour Diesel, two popular strains most people have already tried, or at least heard about.

Both of the strains that make up Headband are rich with history of, providing powerful, uplifting effects, that can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, depression, Crohn's and more. We will go into detail about later.

The look of the flower is nothing short of amazing and, combines purple hues, with orange hairs, infused into bright green bud at its core. The trichome production is insane, and covers the entire buds in white crystals, from top to bottom.

Headband strain marijuana flower up close

The flower/buds are dense to the touch, which typically tells you that the marijuana plants were cultivated well and, cured properly.

What Are The Medical Applications for Headband Strain?

The medical applications that Headband strain, specifically, provides are endless, because of its potent genetics, it packs a punch. However, this is not a full Sativa, rather, Headband is a smooth smoking marijuana flower, that produces happy and uplifting effects.

Moreover, the high 20% plus, THC content will last for longer than most marijuana strains. This is particularly important to the medical community, and patients who need powerful, long-lasting relief.

Medical marijuana doctors are incorporating Headband strain, along with other marijuana flower strains, into their patient’s regular cannabis recommendations. It has been effective in treating the following debilitating illnesses in Florida;

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Depression

  • Moderate to severe pain

  • Sleep-aid

  • Relief from chemotherapy symptoms

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Plus, many other conditions and symptoms, that patients and their doctors explore.

Where Can I Buy Headband Strain Marijuana Flower?

In Florida, there are many different strains available in smokable flower form. However, not all of them carry Headband strain like, MUV dispensary does. Plus, not all dispensaries in Florida are equal in the level of quality products they offer.

We’ve reviewed many other dispensaries, and the MMJ products they sell, with some being better than others.

Still, most of the MUV dispensary locations that are open now will have Headband flower in-stock or, they can let you know about when they might. It’s not a perfect system, but the demand for smokable marijuana flower is so high in Florida, that the dispensaries including, MUV are having difficulty keeping it in stock.

MUV Dispensary in Wellington, FL

To ensure the most accurate marijuana strain information, we decided to buy directly from MUV dispensary in Wellington, FL. Their official website said they had several strains of flower available. But we wanted to make sure things went smoothly since it was our first time buying from, Wellington MUV.

So, we called them and asked to speak with a MUV representative in the Wellington location.

MUV dispensary in Wellington, FL

The staff was friendly and knew their products well, plus had some suggestions we never thought about like, buying their new Rosin concentrate, which we thankfully did.

The representative explained all the smokable flower strains they had in stock ready to sell. There were a few and so we bought smokable flower in, Sour Jack strain, Headband strain, and Chem-dog Rosin

Wrapping It Up!

There is no doubt that MUV Florida dispensaries, produce high-quality medical marijuana strains like Headband Hybrid and others. Anyone who is already approved by, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), can easily obtain flower and, other MMJ products from, MUV dispensaries near me.

[ FAQ's - FL Health.gov and OMMU Regulations]

We hope this article helped you better understand Florida’s smokable flower laws, MUV dispensary in Florida, along with their premium flower in Headband strain.

If you’re thinking about how medical marijuana can help you find relief from debilitating illnesses, but don’t know if you qualify, just ask a Florida medical marijuana doctor near me.

They will help you become certified for a state-issued medical marijuana card, which can then be used to fill your cannabis recommendation/prescription at a dispensary near me.

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