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MUV Sour Jack Strain Smokable Flower Reviews

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Recent changes in state legislature allowing patients access to smokable flower, has fueled Florida’s expanding medical marijuana industry. Now, dispensaries are cultivating premium strains like MUV Sour Jack Sativa, in smokable flower form.

Sour Jack strain close up

For those who are not familiar with MUV Florida dispensaries yet, they represent a conglomeration between, two well-known and established leaders in cannabis cultivation.

  1. Plants of Ruskin is a Florida based agricultural company, who pioneers innovative, cultivation processes, based in science and 100 years of local experience.

  2. AltMed Pharmaceuticals is a well-respected, Florida biotech company, who is engineering new technologies and, cultivating better medical marijuana products for patients today.

MUV dispensaries smokable flower strain reviews

Just like other dispensaries in Florida, MUV is approved to sell smokable flower, along with other legal medical marijuana products. Patient with a valid MMJ card can access MUV Sour Jack strain, along with other, smokable marijuana flower.

In addition to flower, MUV dispensary offers a full line of products including; THC oil, CBD oil, vaporizer cartridges, topicals, concentrates, rosin, and others.

Sour Jack Marijuana Strain

As many have said before, taking Sour Diesel, a strong strain already and, crossbreeding it with Jack Herer, will make a potent, Sativa dominant strain, with powerful effects. In fact, Sour Jack is getting harder to find these days, since it’s an in-demand strain of marijuana with specific medical applications.

Sour Jack strain from MUV dispensary in Wellington, FL

Marijuana flower doesn’t get much better than Sour Jack, if you like the uplifting, energetic and, happy buzz you get from it. The onset of euphoric effects is fast and measurable. You will feel like your drifting off into an interesting daydream, full of nice feelings and free from anxiety. Moreover, these uplifting effects are known to last 2-3 hours, which is great news for patients that need all-day relief.

The flower looks amazing when it’s properly manicured, dried and cured. MUV dispensary does an excellent job with that. The dark green buds are infused with purple hues and orange hairs throughout. When done correctly, the buds/flower looks glazed with translucent resin that’s ripened and matured, it's valuable THC content.

Sour Jack strain trichomes up close

Plus, the massive amounts of white, crystals and trichomes completely cover the buds, which is a sign of high-quality flower in anyone’s eyes.

The strong fruity smell should be apparent the moment you open the container, with deep diesel undertones, which come from Sour Jacks strong diesel genetics.

What Are The Medical Uses for Sour Jack Strain?

Patients and their medical marijuana doctors in Florida, can incorporate Sour Jack strain marijuana into their current medical marijuana recommendations. The potential medical uses are specific, since Sativa dominant strains are known to reduce stress and anxiety, which affects millions of Americans each year.

However, don’t expect Sour Jack to take away the pain in your body, because this strain strictly produces a “head high”, albeit a strong one.

You can expect Sour Jack to quickly melt away negative thoughts and lift your spirits, it may even inspire you to do something creative.

Physicians love Sativa strains like Sour Jack since they can help patients stop taking traditional anxiety medications, which are addictive and have negative side effects.

Studies show that taking medical marijuana for anxiety is the more natural way, to effectively treat symptoms and produce little, to no negative side-effects.

Where Can I Buy Sour Jack Strain?

If you haven’t tried MUV Sour Jack strain in smokable flower form yet, don’t think you're alone. It’s been hit or, miss these days and with, smokable flower in such demand, you may need to wait until a MUV dispensary near me, gets it back in-stock.

Still, it’s not difficult to find out which MUV locations will have strains of smokable flower that you want. Their official website shows all their current Florida locations, along with the products they have in-stock, at any given time.

In the future, other dispensaries may also offer Sour Jack strain in smokable flower form, but for now, MUV dispensary is the way to go.

Wrapping it up!

We’ve reviewed many other medical marijuana strains in Florida this year and Sour Jack ranks among the best, of the best. At least when you buy it from MUV dispensaries where they know how to properly cultivate, manicure, dry and cure their smokable marijuana flower.

No one is saying that other dispensaries don’t do well with these processes too. But, MUV seems to consistently produce some of the best smokable flower strains for patients in Florida today.

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