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NFT Artwork – Medical Marijuana Strains NFTs

Updated: Mar 21

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has been gaining popularity over the years and crypto has been exposed to millions of people around the world. One of the newest types of crypto investments is Non-Fungible Tokens, (NFTs) which are digital representations of anything, really.

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These NFTs are verified by the blockchain they are minted upon, and ownership of the original can easily be verified.

Although NFTs are an emerging trend, people from around the world are buying and selling them constantly. You may have heard about rare Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs that have sold for millions of dollars each. Other NFTs are being created by well-known artists, and can be purchased on Open Seas, the largest NFT Marketplace around.

Now, we have seen amazing medical marijuana strain NFTs for sale, that could become the first investment opportunity of its kind. These marijuana NFTs are minted on Ethereum, using the Polygon layer 2 blockchains, to save on gas fees, which are still high on Ethereum.

Although, other blockchains like Solana are much less expensive to mint NFTs and have their own marketplace to buy, sell, swap, and showcase NFTs.

What Is Marijuana Strain NFTs?

All NFTs are not the same because anyone can create, mint, and sell, their versions of digital artwork, photos, paintings, etc. However, the medical marijuana strain NFTs we’ve highlighted offer unique perspectives on cannabis strains.

Plus, they are 1, of 1, NFT artwork. Meaning there will never be any copies made, or sold, in the future.

Projects that only mint 1 NFT, have almost built-in ROI, provided that the NFT strain artwork you buy is unique.

How Can You Create NFT Artwork?

Anyone can create NFT artwork in 2022. If you have creative ability, then the NFT revolution could be a perfect fit. Basically, if you can draw it, paint it, or print it, then you can create an NFT.

There are several places where you can mint NFTs in 2022. Some of the best places are available on the Ethereum blockchain, or Solana. This can be a personal choice or driven by your financial investments, and convictions.

Open Seas allows you to create, upload, publish and list your NFT for sale. You can store NFTs that you acquire from other places, within your wallet, which will showcase your NFTs in your account.

How to Buy Marijuana Strain NFT Art?

There aren’t too many marijuana strains, NFT art for sale, anywhere. The best collection that offers an array of different marijuana NFTs can be found HERE on Open Seas!

Anyone who has a crypto wallet can buy NFT artwork from Open Seas provided that it's compatible with the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

How Much Does Marijuana NFTs Cost?

The prices start at .5 Eth, and the dollar amount would be determined by the price of ETH, at the time of the sale. If ETH is up, then the dollar amount would be higher. If the price of Ethereum is down, then the cost would be less.

However, the price for ETH is constantly fluctuating and shouldn’t be the reason you decide to buy an NFT, or not. They are investments within themselves, and can dramatically go up in value, especially when they are rare and popular.

How to Invest in NFTs?

The best way to invest in NFTs is to purchase highly desirable pieces at low prices, and then sell them for higher prices.

That’s it...

Many people hold, or HODL their marijuana strain NFTs so they will be worth more money in the future. Remember that recently, one Bored Ape sold for 500 ETH, which is a ton of money in anyone’s view.

If you see an artist or NFT created that you really like, then investing in their NFTs can become a profitable experience, over time.

Wrapping This ALL Up!

Millions of people worldwide are getting into cryptocurrency in one way or another. Some only buy Bitcoin, while others are more risky investors who trade altcoins like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, and others.

With the creation of the Metaverse, many NFTs are being used to identify users and can be installed as profile pictures, rewards, assets, and more. Many virtual games within the metaverse will allow marijuana strain NFTs to be a part of the overall experience somehow.

Making money, investing, and immersing yourself in the new technologies that are changing the world we live in can be lucrative too.

Of course, anything could happen, and you should ALWAYS consult a financial advisor before making any investments whatsoever.


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