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Orange Cookies Strain Information [All You Need to know in 2022]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

What can we say about Orange Cookies strain other than WOW! This strain is for you if you’re into super tasty cannabis, with the added benefit of it being a potent marijuana strain that packs a sweet THC, one, two punch.

Orange Cookies was originally created by Franchise Genetics and is now grown by cultivators around the globe.

"This strain is one of the most aromatic and flavorful strains in the world".

Being a Sativa dominant Hybrid makes Orange Cookies strain great for specific medical conditions, along with inspiring deep thoughts and creative expressions.

Plus, the exquisite tangerine flavors, coupled with a calm, relaxing, and euphoric experience, make this strain extremely popular.

What is Orange Cookies Marijuana Strain?

If you have never tried Orange Cookies strain, then it should be on your to-do list soon. The name alone gives away so much of this strain’s Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) lineage and power.

But the mixture of GSC and Orange Juice strains activates something within the cannabis that makes it just spectacular.

Regular users report that Orange Cookies leaves them feeling clear and focused, with an uplifting euphoric buzz.

But it also provides enough body relaxation to successfully relieve stress and anxiety after a long day.

The high lingers for a while, leaving you feeling content and relaxed without being comatose, whatsoever.

Look, Smell, & Taste of Orange Cookies

The buds themselves are tight, dense, green nugs, with burnt orange color hairs intertwined throughout them.

When correctly grown and properly cured, the thick layer of trichomes that crystalizes over each bud is a sight to see.

This strain smells of fresh pine, mixed with citrus lemon overtones.

But the moment you pop open the bag you bought your buds in, the aroma permeates the entire room almost immediately, so this strain isn’t great if you are trying to keep things quiet and on the down-low.

Of course, the citrus flavors dominate the taste of this strain from inhale to exhale. After you have held in your hit for a moment or two, then exhale, it almost expands your lungs, and the GSC flavors of pine and citrus come through the most.

What Effects Can Be Expected?

The uplifting cerebral effects are described as happy and can wash away the stress of the day.

The portion of Indica characteristics that makes up this strain is just enough to drown your pain away in euphoric contentment.

The potency for this marijuana is high at 18% to 22%, which makes it not for beginners, although medical marijuana patients under the guidance of their doctors should be fine.

Remember, start low and go slow, and you cannot go wrong.

Does Orange Cookies Strain Have any Medical Uses?

Yes! In fact, there are a plethora of medical uses for Orange Cookies strain’s Sativa leaning Hybrid effects, that soothe away stress and provide pain-relieving terpenes along with the high THC content.

This is a great daytime strain since you can stay extremely focused without feeling in the least bit groggy.

The workplace is a great environment to utilize this strain, and you will be surprised at how social it makes you, as well. Bonus!

Patients in states where marijuana is legal can get Orange Cookies strain at their local dispensary or weed stores.

In medical cannabis legal states like Florida, doctors can recommend/prescribe it to treat your qualifying conditions. Some other medical uses this strain is known for include:

  • Anxiety, tension & stress

  • Depression symptoms

  • Insomnia

  • Mild to moderate pain

  • Chronic pain

  • Lack of appetite

Plus, there are several other conditions for which your medical marijuana doctor can recommend the Orange Cookies strain.


Orange Cookies strain is not the easiest one to grow, and beginners may want to shy away from it and choose an easier strain to get started.

For seasoned and master growers, Orange Cookies will blow your mind, even though it is touchy and susceptible to an array of molds and insects that can ruin your batch altogether.

All the negative things associated with growing this strain can be avoided by keeping the growing area clean, dry, and bug-free. It takes a bit more work, but the reward will be correctly grown and perfectly cured buds that will make you a believer in Orange again.

The flowering cycle takes between 8 to 10 weeks to completely ripen the buds and turn all the pistils burnt orange and dark amber colors.

By this time, the buds will be extremely dense and waiting to be hung out to dry, and then cured in airtight jars for a few weeks.

After the cure, you can expect Orange Cookies strain flowers to impress both in the look, smell, taste, and effects it provides.

Wrapping This Up Thoughtfully

With so many different marijuana strains to choose from both medical and recreational blends, it is difficult to try them all. But Orange Cookies is a strain that needs to be on your to-do list, or at least your bucket list.

You won’t be disappointed in any way because this strain delivers where it counts!

Whether you depend on your medicine to treat illnesses, or you’re looking to enjoy and enhance your day at any time, definitely give this bud an honest try, and I know you will be glad you did.


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