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Purple Punch Strain Information [All You Need to Know]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In the big world of cannabis strains, one that proudly stands out is Purple Punch strain, an Indica dominant hybrid, produced by Supernova Gardens in Hawaii.

This strain has a sweet pungent aroma, coupled with sweet, dessert-like flavors that include blueberry muffins, grape candy, and old-school ‘Kool-Aid’ like you had as a child.

Purple Punch strain provides a plethora of medical uses to patients who want better sleep, pain relief, or who need digestive-related symptom control.

Moreover, with such pleasant smells and flavors, it’s no wonder why Purple Punch marijuana is showing up at dispensaries around the country, more and more.

What is Purple Punch Strain?

Purple Punch is an Indica leaning Hybrid strain created by crossing Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG strains together.

This strain is in demand because of the uplifting euphoric effects that melt away stress and anxiety, while being extremely enjoyable to smoke.

The Grandaddy lineage is at work and evident in the plant because of the purple veins running down the large fan leaves.

Look for the dense, purple, and green nugs, lined with layer after layer of crystalized trichomes and THC-rich goodness.

Purple Punch plants typically have high yields of sticky green buds from every batch grown under the proper lighting, or outdoors where this strain thrives.

How Does Purple Punch Smell?

This is undoubtedly one of the best smelling strains around that is sure to please even the harshest of critics.

Purple Punch strain smells incredible and, when properly cured, can smell up an entire room with just a small amount in a bag.

The most noticeable smells of blueberries and sweet peach muffins will permeate through any environment you’re in.

Once broken down for smoking, the smells change and become more complex, as most marijuana does. You will notice the sweet smells layered with spice and pepper-type notes.

Purple Punch does not disappoint!

Look and Taste

The look and taste of Purple Punch is impressive by anyone’s standards. When properly cured, this strain’s dried buds look amazing. It lives up to its name, Purple, Purple, Purple, from top to bottom.

However, unlike other marijuana strains that are within the purple phenotypes, the Purple

Punch strain contains more orange and purple hairs intertwined throughout the nugs.

There is a thick layer of white, frosty trichomes that completely cover the buds like a veil over a bride at the altar.

You can see the purple and orange colors peeking through the frost, but it isn’t until the buds are broken down that you see them in all their glory.

Purple Punch buds are sticky and look like high-quality cannabis from the center to the edges of each piece.

The berry notes continue through to the taste of this strain, and you may taste blueberry, mango, and even some cherry flavors on the inhale.

The exhale provides a complex terpene profile that begins with the berry flavors for which this strain is known.

It finishes with spice and pungent peppery flavors, reminiscent of its OG lineage.

What Are the Medical Uses

for Purple Punch Strain?

The Purple Punch strain’s medical applications are vast, and people use it for a variety of medical conditions. Much of this strain’s effects are mental euphoria that is described as happy and uplifting.

The Indica characteristics make it great for use before bedtime, ensuring a great night’s sleep.

It’s also useful for people with anxiety disorders because the potent onset of Purple Punch can be felt quickly, and the uplifting effects melt away stress and worry.

Getting “the munchies” is assured when you smoke this strain, and it is often utilized by cancer patients going through harsh treatments and who need to stimulate hunger.

Those who are going through chemotherapy find that taking Purple Punch marijuana helps them keep food in their stomach, which promotes and supports their strength while going through strenuous cancer-related treatments.

Some additional conditions this strain treats well include:

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Depression symptoms

  • Hunger issues

  • Light pain management

Plus, other mental and emotional conditions were being happy and uplifted emotionally will help them reach their healthcare goals.

Wrapping This Up!

With so many different marijuana strains available to choose from, it is important to understand what you can expect from each of them, respectively.

Purple Punch is a cerebral strain that affects the mental and emotional state of mind the most. It is a great strain to have on hand for days you feel depressed, or just need a positive boost.

It can be the perfect strain for those treating behavioral health issues successfully...

However, Purple Punch is amazing to use recreationally, too. It can make a fun day even better.

Or, just used to change a negative mindset into a positive one with just a couple of tokes!


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