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Queso Perro Hybrid Strain – GrowHealthy Flower Reviews

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

What can we say about Queso Perro Hybrid strain from GrowHealthy dispensaries in Florida? It is easily one of the best medical marijuana strains available in smokable flower today. Queso Perro is a 50/50 Hybrid strain that provides an uplifting euphoric effect, which is great for treating symptoms from many medical conditions. Moreover, GrowHealthy dispensary is known for its high-quality smokable flower that has been dried and cured to perfection.

Queso Perro Strain

Comprised from mixing excellent genetics from Stardawg and UK Cheese strains provide the Queso Perro strain with its first-class lineage. This well-balanced 50/50 hybrid is so popular because its medical applications are endless. The welcomed euphoric effect provides waves of happy thoughts that uplift your spirits instantaneously.

Look Smell & Taste of Queso Perro Strain

The plant takes around 60-70 days to flower, and yields dense, heavy buds reminiscent of Indica strains. We bought Queso Perro smokable flower from GrowHealthy dispensary in Stuart, Florida. The way that they apply the cure promotes deep colors and massive crystallization of trichomes that completely covers the finished product. The 1/8 of an ounce was 3 buds total and they were dense, frosty, and sweet.

You can smell this strain the moment the lid opens, and it permeates the room quickly. The diesel nodes are noticeable from the start but are complimented by fruity smells, as well.

On the inhale, this strain is quite pungent. The diesel nodes are heavy but finish with a Peugeot fruity flavor that lingers. Overall, it is very pleasant, and you may even get a taste of cheese flavor every few hits. It is definitely a potent cannabis strain that you know is very high quality.

Queso Perro's Medical Applications

Having so many different medical applications is where Queso Perro strain really shines brightly. Being a 50/50 Hybrid strain provides just enough Indica and Sativa traits to satisfy the masses. The uplifting euphoric effects are coupled with body relaxing, pain-relieving qualities that promote a whole-symptom relief approach that works. Many patients find that Queso Perro is a strain they can use all day long.

You can transform negative thoughts into positive ones to start your day and get the relaxation and tension relief to sleep well throughout the night. Queso Perro is always a great strain to have on standby, as a medical marijuana patient.

Best for:

  • Anxiety relief

  • Depression symptoms

  • PTSD related symptoms

  • Chronic pain management

  • Sleep-Aid

  • Chemotherapy symptoms

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Plus, it provides relief from many additional symptoms from medical conditions caused by illnesses or injuries.

Where to Buy Queso Perro Strain?

As of now, only GrowHealthy dispensary is offering Queso Perro strain in smokable flower, along with their other medical marijuana products. You can find it on their official website where you will be directed to check the in-stock availability of strains and products at dispensary locations near you.

Wrapping It Up!

Are you an approved medical marijuana patient in Florida looking for a well-balanced hybrid strain that is grown by one of the best dispensaries in the Sunshine State? Then, Queso Perro is a ‘must-try’ strain in smokable flower form. The benefits are extremely helpful to people seeking all-day relief. Plus, you can get dispensary discounts from time to time that really helps financially. Although this is technically not a part of GrowHealthy’s Master Growers Series, it is easily the same superb quality.


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