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Rainmaker Hybrid Strain Review – GrowHealthy Master Growers Series

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

There is no doubt that GrowHealthy dispensaries in Florida have become a fierce competitor to larger dispensaries like Trulieve by consistently producing superior smokable flower strains. Moreover, they also have high-quality medical marijuana products such as concentrates, THC and CBD vape cartridges, and canna-oils to choose from. Their growing number of physical locations throughout Florida is making potent marijuana available to more patients in 2020.

Rainmaker Strain GrowHealthy
Rainmaker strain

Let us take a closer look at what makes strains worthy of inclusion in GrowHealthy’s Master Grower Series of smokable flower.

Rainmaker Hybrid Strain

Known to have medicinal properties, Rainmaker hybrid marijuana strain produces solid euphoric effects, with a wide variety of medical benefits. Originally cultivated by crossing Citrus Skunk and Mandarin Sunset strains, it produces an Indica-leaning hybrid.

Rainmaker Strains Look, Smell & Taste

While growing, the Rainmaker plants are much larger, taller than traditional hybrid strains. They also produce much higher yields than you would expect when properly grown with the best nutrients, CO2, and premium LED lights.

Rainmaker mater growers series strain
Rainmaker Master Growers Series

The properly cured buds we got from GrowHealthy dispensary in Stuart, FL were bright green, with completely ripened orange pistons. The buds all had a thick layer of crystalized trichomes as you would expect with this level of weed. There is a distinct skunk smell, almost reminiscent of diesel strains, but it is infused with a fresh citrus essence that comes right through the skunk.

Rainmaker strain tastes amazing with a deep terpene profile that you can experience on both the inhale and exhale of your bowl or joint.

GrowHealthy Rainmaker Master Growers Series

The Master Growers series features certain smokable flower strains that have been certified by GrowHealthy’s cultivators to be the best quality buds they can produce. There are longer cure times that Master Growers Series strains go through to ensure they provide the highest-quality medical marijuana for patients. There is no doubt that you can see, smell, taste and feel the quality of these strains right away.

Rainmaker strain buds up close
Rainmake Strain Buds Up close

One telltale way to know you have the Master Series is to check the container the buds came in. They are glass, as opposed to the plastic containers used for their regular strains of weed.

Rainmaker Strain Medical Uses

There are many strains to choose from and, like most hybrids, the Rainmaker strain is popular within the medical community. Being an Indica-leaning hybrid strain allows Rainmaker buds to provide anti-anxiety properties, coupled with an uplifting euphoric effect with multiple benefits, as well.

The best part is that it is not too powerful and will not put you to sleep or into a coma. On the contrary, Rainmaker produces a welcomed effect that gives you a sense of well being and purpose you did not realize you had. You can relax and watch a movie, stress-free. Or, you might want to clean your house from top to bottom while high on this strain. It truly depends on how your body reacts to the ‘feeling good’ effects.

Medical marijuana doctors recommend smokable cannabis for many different types of symptoms. Now, physicians can work directly with their patients to ensure the strains they are using provide the most health benefits possible for their specific healthcare needs.

There are many medical benefits that patients report using Rainmaker strain for and they include:

Wrapping It Up!

Since the inception of medical marijuana legalization, certain dispensaries in Florida have emerged as the best choice for certain products like flower. There is no doubt that GrowHealthy is one of the top 3 at producing high-quality smokable flower in a varied selection of strains. They are also the only dispensary that currently offers the Master Growers Series Rainmaker strain.

If you are looking for a strain to relieve your symptoms from injuries or illnesses effectively, give GrowHealthy flower a try. They offer more than one strain that can help treat your condition.


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