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Real Releaf CBD Oil Company

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

There have been many new and different CBD oil companies emerging on the scene these days. Some stand apart from the competition like Real Releaf CBD oil company, who delivers high-quality CBD products using the best cannabidiol on the market today!

With relaxed federal laws surrounding cannabidiol, and extremely high demand from people across the country, the CBD oil landscape has taken shape. Now, you can find CBD oil for sale in places like smoke shops, liquor stores, gas stations, even Walmart sells CBD products. However, depending on what condition or health benefits your taking CBD oil for, can determine where you buy CBD oil from.

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In some states like Florida, you can buy CBD oil directly from dispensaries, provided your an approved medical marijuana patient. The dispensaries carry products with higher THC levels, that wouldn't qualify under the Florida CBD laws, which have been in place since 2019. The law states that CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by volume. Meaning, that dispensaries selling CBD oil would require you to have a medical marijuana license, to buy their products.

Real Releaf CBD oil review

In many cases, it is much easier to find a CBD company online, who sells high-quality CBD oil products over the internet. This way you can do your due diligence beforehand, to ensure that they sell the best CBD oil products, for your specific healthcare needs.

Real Releaf CBD Oil Products

Whenever there is a new company that provides distinctively better CBD products, there is reason to talk about them. Just like Real Releaf CBD, a popular company based in Naples Florida. They are connected to Compassionate Healthcare of Florida, a respected medical marijuana doctors office. Their entire approach is focused around experience with treating MMJ patients using CBD oil. Although this was very beneficial to many patients, the dispensary cost for products, combined with the additional expense of an MMJ license, is problematic for some people. So they developed their own CBD oil in Florida, that provides the best possible relief, from using the highest quality ingredients. Not to mention the prices are more affordable than other comparable products online.

Real Releaf CBD Products Include:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

  • Full Spectrum Intensive Relief Rub

  • Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

  • Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

  • CBD Sleep Aids

  • CBD Pet Products

Wrapping It Up!

For more detailed information about the CBD laws and regulations in Florida, click here.


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