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Trulieve OG Kush Strain Reviewed | TruCRMBL Concentrates

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Trulieve is the largest medical marijuana dispensary in Florida and is pioneering the way to better quality MMJ products for patients today. In late 2017, Florida laws were enacted, making it legal for patients who qualify under expanded conditions, obtain a medical marijuana card.

Trulieve Crumble in OG Kush strain

Since the beginning, Trulieve dispensary has consistently produced high-quality cannabis products while pushing state lawmakers to expand the products available, to offer more effective medicines.

They were the first dispensary to endorse medical marijuana in smoking form, which materialized into law by 2019. Moreover, Trulieve dispensary continues to advance patient care with innovative products.

Some of the most popular are, TruCRMBL OG Kush strain crumble, shatter, TruClear concentrate syringes and Rosin, a solvent-free concentrate that’s become very popular with Florida patients.

There are many different types of concentrated marijuana products to choose from today. But none are as exciting as TruCRMBL from Trulieve dispensary. Basically, Crumble is a full spectrum oil-based concentrate that preserves the natural terpene profiles of the marijuana strain being used. The benefits that TruCRMBL concentrate provides to patients is the entourage effect, along with instant, powerful onset of euphoric relief.

Known to be more beneficial and sworn by many medical marijuana patients and their doctors, the encourage effect comes from additional cannabinoid bioavailability.

This whole plant approach to making medical marijuana products in Florida is becoming popular. Many medical marijuana doctors agree that there may be added benefits to the entourage effects to treat severe anxiety, depression, and pain.

OG Kush Crumble close up

Trulieve uses Ethanol extraction processes to produce OG Kush strain Crumble, and all other TruCRMBL strains, available at a dispensary near me.

When you see any strains of Crumble concentrates, it may be surprising at first, because it doesn’t look like typical concentrates, which are wet and oily.

On the contrary, OG Kush Crumble from Trulieve looks hard & dry like pieces of glass, but with a tan or, beige coloration.

The surface is porous because of the extraction process, which is done under pressure, causing the holes to develop where the Ethanol gas has punched through.

The world-famous OG Kush strain actually originated in Florida around the mid-1990s. These Florida cultivators had the idea to take Hindu Kush, a mind-numbing strain, and cross it with a powerful strain from Northern California.

These farmers dubbed their creation OG Kush Hybrid, which quickly spread throughout Florida and Internationally.

[ Source - https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/og-kush ]

Today, OG Kush is the backbone for many other strains created by cross-breeding it. The genetic profile is favorable for many reasons which include; potent buds, high 24% THC content, very easy to cultivate, large yields, and intense, euphoric effects.

OG Kush marijuana strain overview

Trulieve dispensary offers other marijuana strains created using OG Kush such as, Headband strain, which patients have reviewed highly, created by crossing OG Kush Strain, and Sour Diesel strain.

OG Kush has become a “must-have strain” in dispensaries in Florida and around the globe. Even places like California, Colorado, Amsterdam, and Europe, make sure to have OG Kush strain buds and products in-stock.

Since Trulieve dispensaries have more physical locations than any other dispensary in Florida, you can find one in most major cities throughout the state. However, not all patients will be close enough or, able to physically go into the dispensary personally.

That’s ok because approved patients can order TruCRMBLE OG Kush strain Crumble concentrate online, for home delivery ($25 charge).

Recently, Trulieve was approved by the state of Florida to open 48 total dispensary locations, which is double the amount that other dispensaries are currently allowed.

The concentrate game is just getting started in Florida. Big dispensaries from other states where marijuana is legal are providing valuable insight into the best products, with the maximum medical benefits for patients in Florida.

So far, Trulieve dispensary is the only one that offers OG Kush strain Crumble Concentrate to approved patients.

Still, with 22 approved dispensaries in Florida, there are sure to be high-quality marijuana concentrate products available soon. In fact, some already do like, MUV dispensary who offers a wide selection of concentrates, shatter, and Rosin, a solvent-free concentrate.

Remember that Trulieve Crumble and any other concentrated medical marijuana contains far higher THC or, CBD levels than your typical flower or, vaporizer pen. It is important to understand how they will affect you, and to speak with your MMJ doctor, to ensure these products are right for you first.

For those patients who already know the effects of Crumble, you are in for a treat. This powerful Hybrid strain will instantly relax your body, free your mind from negative thoughts and uplift your spirit.

Expect these effects to last 1-2 hours depending on the amount you take and the tolerance you have built up to cannabis.

Trulieve’s official website states that each rice-sized piece of OG Kush Crumble is equal to 25MG of active THC ingredient.

OG-Kush TRUCRMBL Concentrate Is Special!

OG Kush strain CBD oil in Florida

For patient related questions about how to become an approved medical marijuana patient in Florida may refer to our FL Health GOV FAQ's page for more information.

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