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Duct Tape Strain Flower Review - VidaCann Dispensary

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

VidaCann Florida dispensaries are known for having consistent cannabis products using sustainable, organic cultivation processes. Using time honored cultivation processes that work, coupled with cutting-edge greenhouse technologies, allows VidaCann to produce Duct Tape Strain Flower and other products that are superior to most.

Duct Tape strain from VidaCann in Palm Bay, FL

Boasting a 70,000 sq ft grow facility, VidaCann produces and processes all of their products, from seed to sale.

The companies commitment to medical-grade marijuana for patients to use is unparalleled. VidaCann dispensary adheres to all state testing standards by using FDA-approved testing laboratories, using cGMP protocols.

VidaCann Products

As a licensed Florida dispensary the products which are allowed to be sold to patients under FL MMJ laws have been under scrutiny for some time.

Although, recent legislative changes have expanded the medical marijuana industry in Florida, VidaCann Duct Tape strain remains amongst the best smokable flower in the state.

VidaCann Flower reviews - Duct Tape

Florida's MMJ laws allow THC oil, and CBD oil, flower, vape oil, topicals, edibles, patches, and tincture oils.

Duct Tape Strain Smokable Flower Reviews

Just like most of the dispensaries in Florida, VidaCann is certified to sell smokable flower in 2019. In fact, they have been receiving a lot of positive feedback and reviews, about their smokable flower marijuana.

" Let's take a closer look at VidaCann Flower products, particularity Duct Tape Strain since its become so popular "

Duct Tape is an Indica dominant strain which exhibits those characteristics perfectly in the look, taste, smell, and effects.

The dense buds are dark green with a light frosting of white trichomes covering them completely.

Dict Tape strain from VidaCann up-close

As you begin to break open the buds you will notice a strong, deep pine smell, that's different from the initial aroma of Duct Tape strain in the VidaCann dispensary container.

The buds break up easily and were dried to perfection, allowing us to really enjoy all of those crystals, packed with THC in each bowl, or joint we smoked.

The euphoric effects were almost immediate, and Duct Tape strain provides a heavy sedated feeling, along with a sense of well-being.

What Are Duct Tape Marijuana Strain Medical Uses?

The fact that Duct Tape marijuana strain is basically all Indica, which means that it provides many useful medical benefits to patients. Since long ago the medical community has been using the relaxing effects from Indica strains, to benefit patients suffering from symptoms and, illnesses such as;

  • Chronic anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Cancer & chemotherapy

  • Parkinson's

  • Seizures

  • Epilepsy

Plus, with more research now being conducted even more uses will be discovered soon!

Best CBD oil in Florida

Certified medical marijuana doctors in Florida can specifically request Duct Tape strain from VidaCann for their patients treatment plans. That doesn't mean that the dispensary will always have it in stock, but they may have a different Indica strain to substitute.

VidaCann Florida Dispensary Locations

There are many VidaCann dispensary locations throughout Florida that approved patients can choose from. Each dispensary may have more, or less of some products like, Duct Tape strain in smokable marijuana form.

  • BONITA SPRINGS - 26251 S Tamiami Trail Suite 7, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

  • BRADENTON - 5203 Cortez Rd W Unit 6, Bradenton, FL 34210

  • DAYTONA BEACH - 1027 N Nova Rd Suite 105, Holly Hill, FL 32117

  • DEERFIELD BEACH - 1101 Powerline Rd #104, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442


  • JACKSONVILLE - 5298 Sunbeam Rd Unit 6, Jacksonville, FL 32257

  • MIAMI - Coming soon!

  • ORLANDO - 1700 N Semoran Blvd Suite 160, Orlando, FL 32807

  • PALM BAY - 1663 Georgia St NE Suite 900, Palm Bay, FL 32907

  • PENSACOLA - 2401 Langley Ave Unit A, Pensacola, FL 32504

  • PORT CHARLOTTE - 1100 El Jobean Rd Unit #112, Port Charlotte, FL 33948

  • ST PETERSBURG - 10688 Gandy Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702

  • TALLAHASSEE - 1212-2 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303

  • TAMPA - 2007 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

  • WEST PALM BEACH - Coming soon!

Wrapping it up!

If you are an approved patient with a valid Florida medical marijuana card (MMJ card) then you can visit any of the VidaCann dispensaries in Florida personally. They typically have Duct Tape marijuana strain flower in stock.

Plus, they have a wide selection of THC and CBD products to choose from to fit anyone's needs. We definitely recommend VidaCann for their smokable flower products, which have been high quality each time we've bought them.

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