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Wedding Cake Strain Information [Everything You Need to Know]

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

No doubt one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world is the Wedding Cake strain, which produces powerful medicinal effects that people utilize to treat a plethora of health-related conditions.

For a cannabis strain to rise to become one of the best, it takes more than just having nice buds. Cup-winning strains are comprised of high-quality marijuana that dominates four important categories: look, smell, taste, and effects.

Wedding Cake strain takes the cake, forgive the pun, and fully delivers on the hype.

What Is the Wedding Cake Strain?

Originally, this strain was created by Seed Junkies Genetics, which is known for producing other quality cannabis strains. Wedding Cake Indica Dominant Hybrid strain is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner and has fast become a fan-favorite among serious smokers who expect and demand the best.

According to its creators, Wedding Cake is a phenotype of Triangle Mints, another high-quality strain from Seed Junkies Genetics.

wedding cake strain cbd oil

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) genetics are also at work, along with a strong Kush lineage that is derived from OG Kush, one of the undisputed best cannabis strains around.

Wedding Cake Presentation

The perfectly grown and cured Wedding Cake nugs are dark green, with lighter green hues throughout the buds; even some purple can be present. Proper curing is everything and, when done correctly, the flower is completely covered in a thick layer of crystal trichomes, resembling icing on a wedding cake.

Plus, the dense sticky buds are covered in massive amounts of crystallized trichomes, intertwined with bright orange and purple hairs.

This strain is perfect for making concentrates because of the heavy THC trichome production for which it is known.

The Hype

It is crystal clear that the Wedding Cake strain is one of the hottest and most popular strains across the country in 2021. Many dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal, provide their customers with this strain.

There are some unique phenotypes popping up which exhibit slight differences.

Some batches grown indoors with plenty of light and lots of nutrients may express with dark green flower, and with light purple hues. Another batch might express with some other color combinations.

The Wedding Cake strain’s popularity may stem from the high THC content, which tops out around 30% in some places.

Either way, it is here to stay, and just about everyone is happy about that.

Wedding Cake Strain Effects & Medical Applications

Many medical marijuana patients can take advantage of the vast medical applications of Wedding Cake strain because of its Indica leaning effects, coupled with its high THC content, and long-lasting euphoric effects.

On the onset, the effects are mostly cerebral and can help people focus and be more alert. The uppity high is light and makes you typically feel happy and free from anxiety.

Especially with this strain’s higher than usual THC potency, the effects come on fast and can be strong for those who are novice users.

This is not creeper weed!

In fact, you know the moment you inhale a joint or blunt, that you have just smoked some high-quality cannabis.

The effects can linger with you for over an hour from just one sesh!

After about an hour, the Indica characteristics come out and you may start to feel a bit tired, and more body relaxation is around the corner.

This is still a daytime strain because the Indica effects aren’t overwhelming and, if you feel a bit sleepy, it is nothing coffee can’t fix.

If you are new to medical marijuana, it is recommended that you respect the Wedding Cake because it’s not a weak cannabis strain.

People who take this marijuana for medical conditions become regulars at their local dispensary.

Whether you are treating pain or anxiety, it will work to reduce them both. Below are just four of the conditions that this strain will effectively treat. There are many more.

A state-approved MMJ doctor will help you dial in the best medical marijuana products that will work.

Wrapping This Up!

Wedding Cake is a killer strain to have around for a variety of different reasons. Not only do medical marijuana patients benefit from this strain, but anyone may enjoy one of the best strains of 2021!

In many cannabis-friendly states where marijuana is legal for people over the age of 21, AKA adult-use states, it is very common to see recreational dispensaries and local growers keeping stock with the Wedding Cake phenotype, making it available to satisfy the demand.

Whether you want to relieve stress from a long day’s work, or relieve the pain from joint swelling, get yourself some Wedding Cake marijuana strain from a reputable place you can trust.

This way, you will ensure that you experience the real deal and not an imposter strain that doesn’t live up to the quality for which “The Cake” is heralded.


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