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White Buffalo Sativa Strain Review | Trulieve TruFlower

Updated: Apr 14

So far, we’ve done many smokable flower strain reviews for the most popular dispensaries in Florida. Some are better than others, but Trulieve TruFlower consistently ranks among the best medical marijuana flower in Florida, at least for now.

TruFlower White Buffalo strain reviews

The strains and prices for TruFlower, depend on the strengths and THC content. For example, we’ve fully reviewed the Trulieve White Buffalo strain in smokable flower form. This popular and powerful 80/20 Sativa dominant bud, is one of the most sought-after strains of flower, period.

It’s not hard to see why people from around the world love the White Buffalo strain. It’s a heavy Sativa hybrid, cultivated from Blackberry Kush, and Romulan strains.

cbd oil in florida

The THC content varies from dispensary to dispensary and greatly depends upon the skill of the growers cultivating the plants. White Buffalo is not an easy strain to grow, at least properly.

Trulieve White Buffalo strain flower

Flowering takes about nine weeks, but the true essence of White Buffalo truly comes through during the curing process. The buds should be covered in white, frosty trichomes, which signals the right cure.

The finished flower is dense to the touch and smells of strong earthy scents, finished by a fruity almost cherry scent.

Anyone who isn’t familiar with powerful Sativa dominant marijuana strains should start slowly when trying White Buffalo for the first time. It can be deceiving because the flower smell in its container isn’t overpowering like, you might expect potent weed to be.

White Buffalo strain up close

However, White Buffalo can have upwards of 25% THC content, with fast onset, which has been known to cause some people anxiety from time to time.

Additional Strain Information

[ https://www.leafly.com/sativa/white-buffalo ]

It was a pleasure when we noticed that Trulieve dispensary had restocked White Buffalo strain in smokable flower form. As many patients already know, you must monitor their official website or, constantly call the dispensary to find out what strains if any, are available.

We were able to buy White Buffalo and several other strains of flower from the Trulieve dispensary in West Palm Beach Florida.

Since we have bought from this dispensary location several times it was a breeze.

We just reserved the strains of the flower we wanted to buy, along with some other products too. Within 30 minutes we received a text confirming the order and telling us it was ready to be picked up, which we did.

Each 1/8th of White Buffalo costs $53.00 because it’s considered a premium strain from Trulieve.

On the other hand, we bought some Lemon OG Kush also, which costs $33.00 per 1/8th and is lower in THC content and overall quality.

The medical uses for White Buffalo strain in flower form can be different than taking marijuana in other ways such as; vaping, or by mouth.

Scientific studies show that smoking whole marijuana flower produces an “Entourage Effect” whereby all the natural cannabinoids in cannabis (over 400) are consumed and able to work within the body.

Some of the most well known are THC & CBD, which have become tremendously popular across the country for their therapeutic effects. But there are many other cannabinoids that may provide health benefits too, such as, CBDA, CBDN, THCA, THCN, CBN, and others that are being studied more today.

White Buffalo CBD oil

Moreover, the White Buffalo strain provides an uplifting euphoric effect, that can instantly change your mood to being happy. These effects are strong and long-lasting, known to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

Just know that heavy Sativa marijuana strains in general, will give you energy, make you feel good, and melt away stress, a symptom of many conditions. But like all Sativa strains, there can be a measure of anxiety at first, until you are more used to the effects.

People who want to sleep better at night or, need to lower their energy levels probably shouldn’t try White Buffalo, since the effects are just the opposite.

To date, only Trulieve dispensary sells White Buffalo strain in smokable flower form. Approved patients with a valid MMJ card, and current MMJ recommendation, allowing for marijuana in smokable form can buy it.

Trulieve West Palm Beach - White Buffalo flower

Most of the Trulieve dispensary locations in Florida will have White Buffalo strain available from time to time. Your best bet is to sign up for an online account and search the dispensary locations near me.

The website will show you all the Trulieve products that are currently available in each of their dispensaries. This method will save you time and frustration because you will know that the strains you wish to buy are in stock.


With so many different strains of marijuana available in Florida today, it’s difficult to find the right one for your needs. We certainly hope this post helps patients better understand what the White Buffalo strain is, what the effects are, and where to buy TruFlower strains, at Trulieve dispensaries near me.

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